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本公司是经国务院批准成立,由国家控股的有限责任公司。本公司重点实施国家大型飞机重 大专项中大型客机项目,统筹干线飞机和支线飞机发展、实现我国民用飞机的产业化,主要 从事民用飞机及相关产品的科研、生产、试验试飞,从事民用飞机销售及服务、租赁和运营 等相关业务。
We are a limited liability company held by the State, established with the approval of the State Council. We focus on implementing national large passenger plane programs, with a wholistic approach to development of planes for trunk lines and feeder lines, in order to realize the industrialization of civil aircraft in China. We engage in the research, manufacturing, and flight tests of civil aircraft and related products, as well as plane marketing, servicing, leasing and operations.

本公司按照现代企业制度组建和运营,重点加强飞机研发设计、总装制造、市场营销、客户 服务、适航取证和供应商管理等能力,走市场化、集成化、产业化、国际化的发展道路,将 全力打造更加安全、经济、舒适、环保的大型客机。
Set up and operated in accordance with modern enterprise system, we concentrate on improving the capacity in aircraft design, general assembly, marketing, customer service, airworthiness certification, and supplier management. Market-oriented, we strive to be more integrated for the aircraft industrialization while seeking going global. We work to deliver large passenger planes that are safer, more economical, comfortable and environment-friendly.

大型客机是一个国家工业、科技水平的综合实力的集中体现。本公司作为世界民机大家庭的 成员,将与客户、合作伙伴携手合作,致力于为客户提供更加安全、经济、舒适、环保的民 用飞机,使更多的人享受航空科技成果,使人类进入一个安全性水平更高、飞行风险更低的 新时代,一个“人与蓝天和谐相处”的新时代。
Large passenger aircraft is the epitome of a country’s overall strength in industrial and technological fields. As one of the world civil aircraft manufacturers, we will work together with customers and partners to manufacture safer, cost-effective, comfortable and environment-friendly planes. By doing so, more people will benefit from the achievements of aviation science and technology, and human race will enter a new era featuring greater safety and lower risk when taking a flight, an era of "harmonious coexistence of man and blue sky”.


In December 2015, British publishing stood accused of woeful blindness to diversity, and not for the first time, after World Book Night (WBN) announced its titles, and none of the 15 books was by a writer of color. An apology was issued by organizers, but a wider malaise had already set in, and along with it, the troubling feeling that WBN’s oversight was less an isolated incident and more a recurring pattern of exclusion that stretched across the literary establishment.
2015 年 12 月, 英国出版界因对作家多样性熟视无睹的糟糕状况而饱受非议,在世界读书之夜(WBN)公布入选的 15 本图书书目中,没有一本是有色种族作家的著作,而这种情况已 经不是第一次了。活动举办方随后为此致歉,但是越来越多的人已感到不安,他们其中的一 个忧虑就是:人们认为世界读书之夜活动忽略有色种族作家非孤立事件,而乃文学界反复发 生的排外现象。

A report on the state of the books industry had been published earlier that year which drew attention to how intransigently white, middle-class and male it remained, from literary festivals and prizes to publications and personnel.
2015 年早些时候,公布了一个关于图书界情况的报告,从各类文学节、文学颁奖、出版社 和相关从业人员情况来看,出版界由白人、中产阶级、男性统治的情况没有任何改变。

The industry has been announcing strategies for change since 2015. Publishing houses have rolled out paid internships, mentoring schemes and traineeships to attract socially under-represented and BAME(black, Asian, minority ethnic groups)applicants on an unprecedented scale, as well as creating opportunities for women to move into boardrooms. 英国出版界已经宣布自 2015 年起要做出改变的各种策略。各出版社纷纷推出了带薪实习, 导师带徒计划和培训生计划,以吸引社会地位低下的人士和 BAME(黑人、亚裔和少数种族 人士)申请者,这些计划规模史无前例,同时,计划也包括为女性创造进入机构董事会的机 会。

To name few recent initiatives: Penguin Random House is offering interest-free rent loans to draw more applicants from outside London, and has set a company goal “for all new hires and the books we acquire to reflect UK society by 2025 in terms of social mobility, ethnicity, gender, disability, and sexuality”. Harper Collins is launching programs for BAME employees and those taking long-term parental leave, while Hachette is encouraging diversity at an executive level in a mentoring scheme with board members. 下面介绍几个最近的计划。企鹅兰登出版社目前推出免息租房贷款,以吸引更多来自伦敦市 外的求职者,并设立了公司目标:“截止 2025 年,所有新进员工和所有购买的书籍,要反 映英国在社会流动性、种族、性别、残疾人关照、性取向方面的情况。”哈珀科林斯出版社 目前针对 BAME 员工和休较长产假的员工推出了许多计划,而阿歇特出版公司在董事会的 导师带徒计划中,鼓励管理层的多样性。

Some schemes show promising signs. Penguin’s campaign, which connects aspiring writers from socially excluded communities to agents, editors and authors, is helping to demystify these professions. 有些计划发展迹象良好。企鹅兰登出版社推出计划,在遭排挤的有志作家群体与代理、编辑 和作者之间建立联系的桥梁,这有助于揭下出版业神秘的面纱。

Margaret Busby, the writer and pioneering publisher, regards the endeavor for better representation in publishing as a struggle begun decades ago and still no closer to being won. Mainstream publishing, she says, is too institutionalized in its biases to be corrected by a few new authors or schemes.
玛格丽特·巴斯比(Margaret Busby)是一名作家,同时也是一位创业出版人,她认为,改变 出版界人才多样性这项工作几十年前就开始做了,但是至今仍未取得胜利。她说,主流出版 社对于人才多样性的偏见根深蒂固,光靠吸引几个新作家或者推出几个新计划是无法改变这 种局面的。

In the1980s she helped to found a group that campaigned to diversify the industry. An article she wrote in 1988 posed questions that are still being asked today, such as: “What are publishers doing to make their companies a more accurate reflection of their lists, readers and society?”
20 世纪 80 年代,她帮助创立了一个旨在改变出版界多样性的组织。她在 1988 年的一篇文 章中提出的几个问题,如今还有人在问这些问题,比如:“为了更加准确的反映出版社的聘 用条件、读者群体和社会面貌,出版社采取了什么措施?”

“What’s happening now is more initiatives,” Busby says. “But the problem can’t be solved with initiatives.”Margaret Busby believes the struggle for better representation in publishing is no closer to being won.
“现在出版社只是不断推出新计划而已,”巴斯比说,“但是,光靠这些计划无法解决问题。” 她认为,提高出版界的人员代表性这项工作,远远还没成功。”

There is overwhelming agreement among excluded communities that systemic change can only happen when inclusivity is filtered upwards. There is not yet gender parity on boards, even though women outnumber men in the industry; a lack of social diversity is one of its most stubborn problems. 针对遭排挤的人士,大家意见特别一致,认为只有不断加强包容性,才会有系统性变化。目 前董事会还没有实现性别平等。而即便在出版业女性人数多过男性,社会缺乏多样性仍然是 最顽固的问题之一。