CATTI | 二级笔译综合科目难点词汇

Discern vt. 看出,理解,了解,识别,辨别,隐约看见;vi. 辨明,分清

Preach 宣扬;说教;布道,讲道;讲(道)

Prime the pump 采取措施使某事发展

Ambient adj. 环境; 周围的,包围着的;产生轻松氛围的

Exorbitant If you describe something such as a price or fee as exorbitant, you are emphasizing that it is much higher than it should be. (价格、费用) 过高的

Scanty 不足的,勉强够的(大小或数量)

Stingy adj. 吝啬的,小气的;有刺的;缺乏的

Ameliorate  vt. 改善,减轻(痛苦等),改良;vi. 变得更好

Parch to deprive or be deprived of water; dry up 脱水; 使干涸

  • the sun parches the fields

Elucidate If you elucidate something, you make it clear and easy to understand. 阐明; 解释 [正式]

Untenable An argument, theory, or position that is untenable cannot be defended successfully against criticism or attack. 不堪一击的 (观点、理论或立场)

  • This argument is untenable from an intellectual, moral and practical standpoint.

Indefatigably 不厌倦地

Meticulously 细致地

  • The flat had been meticulously cleaned.

Horse and foot 全力以赴地;骑兵和步兵;全军


If you are impervious to someone’s actions, you are not affected or influenced by them. 无动于衷的; 不受影响的

  • She seems almost impervious to the criticism from all sides.

Something that is impervious to water, heat, or a particular object is able to resist it or stop it from passing through it. 防渗漏的; 不让穿过的

  • This also makes the painting impervious to water.

Impassable If a road, path, or route is impassable, it is impossible to travel over because it is blocked or in bad condition. 不能通行的; 不能通过的

Congregate, insolent, synopsis, provident, pendent, sleek, defraud, pernicious, resister, intrepid, soluble, credulous, didactic, duplicity, conciliate, sterile, dispensable Serene, tranquil, fortuitous, primitive semantic fraternity divisible,Momentum impulse, Stigmatizing