1. 回光返照式友情:Dead-Cat-Bounce Friendship

These friends usually don't contact each other. It's like they are too sick to even lift a finger or type one word. But once they meet, they can chat almost to their last breath.

2. 盲式出轨:Eyes-Impaired Unfaithfulness

It's a remarkably peculiar way to cheat on somebody. The cheat is on no aspect any match to the lawful, but the affair still happens under some mysterious force that can't be apprehended.

3. 心诚则零:Make-Believe Weight Losing

These people want to lose weight so much. They believe that they're trying to lose weight and they believe that they're trying really hard to lose weight. But their methodology is really weird. They can make themselves believe that the ice in the cola can annihilate the calories, that ice cream contains no calory because it's cold, that bubble tea is healthy and calory-free since the milk and tea in it are healthy.

4. 万嗑现象:Omnipotent Matchmaker

It's a way of seeing 2 individuals as a couple, which has been getting mature in recent years. These people see couples everywhere, no matter the genders or sexual orientations of the individuals. They don't even care about whether they're humans or not.

5. 朋友圈成功人士:Social-Media-Limited Winner

These people seem to have really good jobs, fat income, harmonious families and interesting life. But you only see this on the social media.

6. 塑料姐妹花:Plastic Besties

These people seem to be besties. They have fun together. They go shopping together. But in fact they hate each other and often make sabotage behind each other's back.

7. 高情商型失明:High-EQ Blindness

This refers to those friends who pretend that they didn't see anything even if they found your secret social media accounts. Please cherish this kind of people.

8. 排遣式进食:Distraction Eating

It means longing for food even when you're not hungry at all. Eating makes these people's souls whole.

9. 工作CD:Office Cooldown

This refers to the time you spend accumulating energy before you start working and the time you need to cooldown after you finish some work. The ratio is usually 10 minutes of work with half an hour of smartphone-playing.

10. 一望无际:No End in Sight

Checked. No hairline.

11. 浴后神经紊乱:Shower-Imposed Mental Disorder

This refers to the self-obsession you develop after taking a shower. The major symptoms include suddenly seeing yourself as attractive and keeping appreciating yourself in the mirror.

12. 服务员型朋友:Waiterlike Friend

This refers to a friend who really has a service spirit. It's them who roast the food when you go barbecue together. It's them who make sure the meat get cooked when you have a hot pot together. It's them who peel the shells when you have crayfish together.

13. 赤裸裸的威胁:Agressive Nakedness

This means the mental attack which fat people endure after seeing those who have perfect bodies posing photos which are too naked.

14. 快消品:Fast Disappearing Goods

It means those things that disappear really fast right after you purchase them, such as hairpins and nail clippers.

15. 间歇性迷信:Intermittent Superstition

This usually happens when people read constellation analyses. They nod in agreement whenever they read something that speaks highly of them. And they decide it's nonsense whenever they come across anything not so flattering.

16. 万能好运绝缘体:Universal Luck Repellent

Never won a lottery. Never had a real relationship. Can't fall asleep easily at night. Sucks in studying. Sucks in gaming, too.

17. 摩羯式休假:Off-Working Vacation

This refers to those who nominally have weekends and holidays but in fact just work in different places.

18. 编剧式观影:Scriptwriter-Style Film Watching

These people don't mind getting spoilers. Sometimes they even search for plot description themselves. They have to have the whole storyline under their control. They can't tolerate anything that runs outside their expectation.

19. 婚介式观影:Matrimonial-Agency-Style Film Watching

No matter what kind of films these people watch, they only care about one thing: Who dates who.

20. 广告商式观影:Advertiser-Style Film Watching

For these people, the storyline is not that important. Whatever they watch, they sharply notice all the brand exposures in it. And they automatically evaluate the commercial supports each actor or actress has. And they naturally think about if these people have signed some curious contracts and if they are about to have their affairs exposed.

21. 阶级斗争式观影:Class-Struggle-Style Film Watching

对于这类人来说,观影的首要目的就是看完了去批判它。不管是影片类型、价值观、 故事结构、演员演技、演员长相、观众类型,这些人都能批判个遍。而且他们还特别喜欢去特地看自己不喜欢的片子,然后一边批判一边去豆瓣上打个低分。
For these people, the main reason to watch a film is to criticize it afterwards. They can criticize almost everything, including the genre, the value, the story structure, actor's acting skills, how they look and who the maim audiences are. And these people sometimes deliberately watch those films which they know they won't like, just to be able to criticize it and give it a low score online.