双语阅读 | 当初如果换个头像,可能我早脱单了

Believe it or not, profile pictures can tell a lot about the person. Is he or she funny? Single or married? Plump or slim? Strangers can more or less get a clueof what kind of person you are from your avatar!

Frankly speaking, profile picture is to social mediawhat one's appearance is to real life.

Since your profile picture serve as the handiest source of what kind of person you are tostrangers or people unfamiliar, it can leave a strong influence on how others think of you inthe long term.

For example, a lonely silhouette makes others feel distant while a warm smile brings sincerity.

Furthermore, profile photo can partially decide how others trust you.

Reports show that a photo of real person gains trust more easily than an image of a cartoon orsomething else.

双语阅读 | 当初如果换个头像,可能我早脱单了

Sometimes profile pictures can mirror one's inner feelings. People who adopt cute pets andanimation figures as their profile pictures are more likely to feel uneasy when handling dailytrivia.

Meanwhile, your profile picture is revealing your age without you noticing it.

Youngsters tease elder people about their old-fashioned profile photos — either landscape orplants.

Obvious enough, post 90s people have more complex taste in choosing profile photos — someuse portraits of their idols, some use internet memes while others choose a popular dog toshow they are single. Some even follow the pace of season to change their profile photos.

Unavoidably, different tastes in profile photos render awkward dispute between children andparents.

A netizen complained that her mom asked her to change the avatar in which she made a faceand stuck out her tongue because Chinese traditional grim reapers do the same facialexpression.

Profile picture is believed to somehow reflect personality.

A vote on the profile photos mostly used by playboys went viral on Sina Weibo in January2018. Many internet users gave positive backing to the result of the vote.


Those who use selfies as profile pictures are more inclined to express themselves in public. Tobe more specific, they are eager to build a positive self-image and reveal it to others. Thoughpeople of similar temper are very likely to appreciate similar style of profile photo, it is stillclosely relevant to individual preference.

Is there anyone in your friend list who changes profile photos so frequently on social mediathat you can't follow its pace? You have an eyeful of it and can't help wondering: why didhe/she change his/her avatar again?

Frequent change of profile photos, or even a changeable style, is likely to be a sign of instablepersonality. Of course, changing profile photos frequently in a short term may indicate thatyour friend feels up and down during that time.

However, one exception is that some perfectionists change their profile pictures from time totime to approach the so-called "perfect" standard.

Just as appearances do not determine everything, avatars may have a greater impact on theformation of first impressions, but this effect fades as people learn more about each other. Soplease do not overstate the importance of a photo online.

In fact, people know from the bottom of their hearts that a profile photo can never alter thetrue image of a person that is mostly based on character and quality.