英语热词 | 2018年10月北京周报微博时事英语汇总

#万圣节快乐#Trick or Treat?

  • #万圣节#起源于古老的凯尔特传统节日——萨温节,当时的人们会点燃篝火,穿上各种服饰躲避鬼魂。
    Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.
  • 万圣节的活动包括“不给糖就捣蛋”、参加化妆舞会、雕刻南瓜灯、点燃篝火、玩占卜游戏、恶作剧、讲恐怖故事和看恐怖电影等。
    Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, and carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns. People light bonfires, play divination games and pranks. They also tell scary stories, and watch horror films.

#金庸去世# 享年94岁

  • 10月30日下午,著名武侠小说家查良镛在香港一家医院病逝,享年94岁。
    Famous Chinese martial arts novelist Louis Cha Leung-yung died at 94 at a hospital in Hong Kong on October 30.
  • 1955年,查良镛偶然以“金庸”为笔名出版了第一部武侠小说《书剑恩仇录》。小说一经面世便大受欢迎。
    In 1955, he published his first martial arts novel The Book and the Sword under the pen name Jin Yong coincidentally, which was an instant success.
  • 娴熟的语言技巧
    skillful mastery of languages
  • 唁电
    a message of condolences


  • 美国康奈尔大学宣布终止与中国人民大学在两个学术交流项目和一个研究项目上的合作,理由是人民大学缺乏学术自由。这是近年来国外大学因政治原因与中国大学中断合作的首个案例。
    Cornell University of the U.S. has suspended two academic exchanges and a research programme with China’s Renmin University because of concerns over academic freedoms, the first case in years of a foreign university halting a partnership with a Chinese counterpart for such reasons.
  • 合作办学
    host joint workshop


  • 驶入逆行道
    veer onto the wrong side of the road
  • 警方表示,公交车冲破护栏坠入长江时,车上约有驾乘人员10余人。
    Police said more than 10 people, including the driver, were on the bus when it broke through road fencing and drove off a bridge.
  • 现场救援指挥部由海事、消防、武警、长江航运等部门人员组成。
    A rescue force consisted of people from departments including maritime affairs, fire control, armed police and Yangtze River shipping management has been set up at the scene.
  • 海难救助作业
    salvage operation
  • 然而,由于水下环境复杂,配备高清摄像头的水下机器人当晚在潜入水下约30米后,被迫上升返回地面。
    However, due to complex underwater situations, an underwater robot equipped with high-definition cameras was forced to return to surface after diving about 30 meters at evening time.

#李咏去世# 年仅50岁

  • 因癌症去世
    die from cancer
  • 前央视主持人
    a former host for China Central Television (CCTV)
  • 李咏的妻子哈文在个人微博写道“在美国,经过17个月的抗癌治疗,2018年10月25日凌晨5点20分,永失我爱”。
    Ha Wen, wife of Li, released a statement on her official Sina Weibo account which reads "I have lost my love, after 17 months of cancer therapy at 5:20 am on Oct 25, 2018, in the United States”.


  • 中日是近邻,两国利益高度交融。
    China and Japan are close neighbors with great converging interests.
  • 中日关系重回正常轨道,重现积极势头。
    China-Japan ties are back on track and gaining positive momentum.
  • 切实贯彻践行“互为合作伙伴,互不构成威胁”的政治共识。
    The two sides should effectively implement the consensus that they are partners rather than mutual threats.


  • 要以更坚定的信心、更有力的措施把新时代改革开放不断推向深入
    greater resolve and stronger measures in deepening China's reform and opening up in the new era
  • 实体经济是一国经济的立身之本、财富之源。
    The real economy is the foundation of a country's economy and the source of its wealth.
  • 攀登世界科技高峰的必由之路是自主创新,所有企业都要朝这个方向努力奋斗。
    Independent innovation is the only way toward scaling world heights in science and technology, and all enterprises should make arduous efforts in this direction.


  • 日本首相安倍晋三已于今天下午抵达北京,开始为期三天的正式访问,这是日本首相时隔七年正式访华。
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in Beijing today for a three-day official visit to China, the first official visit by a Japanese prime minister in seven years.
  • 双方将举行纪念中日和平友好条约缔结40周年招待会和首届中日第三方市场合作官民论坛。
    The two sides will hold a reception marking the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship and a forum on third-party market cooperation.


  • 日本首相安倍晋三已于今天下午抵达北京,开始为期三天的正式访问,这是日本首相时隔七年正式访华。
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in Beijing today for a three-day official visit to China, the first official visit by a Japanese prime minister in seven years.
  • 双方将举行纪念中日和平友好条约缔结40周年招待会和首届中日第三方市场合作官民论坛。
    The two sides will hold a reception marking the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship and a forum on third-party market cooperation.


  • 前三季度国内生产总值同比增长6.7%。China's GDP growth reached 6.7 percent year-on-year in the first three quarters of this year.
    The Central Government has notable flexibility in applying fiscal and monetary tools to keep the economy stable amid global fluctuations.
  • 下行压力增大
    rising downward pressure
  • 总体平稳,稳中有进态势
    a trend of overall stability and steady progress
  • 化解金融风险
    defuse financial risks
  • 消费升级
    consumption upgrade
  • 积极的财政政策和稳健的货币政策
    a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy


  • 世界最长跨海大桥——长达55公里的港珠澳大桥将于10月24日(周三)上午9点正式通车。
    The world's longest sea crossing, the 55-km Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, is set to be officially open to the public at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, October 24.
  • 港澳珠大桥及其海底隧道,作为跨越珠江口的第一条通道,将激活区域经济,使河口两岸的城市融合为一个充满活力的整体。
    As the first road link to span the Pearl River Estuary, the bridge and tunnel will energize the regional economy and integrate cities from both sides of the estuary into one dynamic community.
  • 双层客车
    double-decker coaches
  • 购票服务
    ticketing service
  • 通关
    customs clearance


  • 我国首架自主研制的大型水陆两栖飞机AG600在湖北荆门成功实施首次水上试飞任务,专家称这架飞机具备强大的救援和监测能力,其飞行能力可完全覆盖中国南海。
    China's first domestically made large amphibious aircraft, the AG600, successfully made its first water-based test flight in Jingmen, Hubei Province, with experts predicting the aircraft to cover the entire South China Sea with its far-reaching rescue and monitoring capabilities.
  • AG600在救援中可承载50人或相同重量的物品,在2米浪高的海面正常起降
    The AG600 can carry 50 survivors or payloads of the same weight and take off with waves up to two meters in height.
  • 首飞
    maiden flight
  • 水上起飞
    water takeoff


  • 有关部门公布了《个人所得税专项附加扣除暂行办法》,并在未来两周公开征求全社会意见。
    Chinese authorities unveiled draft temporary measures on special additional deductions from taxable personal incomes to collect public opinions in the next two weeks.
  • 暂行个税专项附加扣除办法遵循公平合理、简便易行、切实减负、改善民生的原则。The temporary deduction rules were made under the principles of being fair and reasonable, simple and easy to implement, effectively reducing burdens of the people, and improving their lives.
  • 大病医疗
    treatment for serious diseases
  • 继续教育
    continuing education
  • 住房贷款利息或住房租金
    housing loan interests and rents


  • 持不同政见者
  • 失踪
    go missing
  • 现场搜查
    scene search
  • 土耳其安全部门的官员认为,常抨击沙特政策的贾迈勒·卡舒吉,被一群于10月2日抵达伊斯坦布尔的沙特人杀害。当天,卡舒吉为办理再婚手续而走进了领事馆。
    Turkish security officials believe Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of Saudi policies, was murdered by a team of Saudis who flew to Istanbul on October 2, the day Khashoggi entered the consulate for paperwork related to his re-marriage.
  • 制裁
    impose sanction

#乐天玛特彻底告别中国# 年底前所有门店全部关闭

  • 据报道,一度风靡中国的韩国连锁超市乐天玛特将于今年年底完全撤出中国市场。
    South Korean supermarket chain Lotte Mart, which was once popular in China, will reportedly completely leave the Chinese market by the end of the year.
  • 自2016年下半年起,乐天玛特超市在中国的总损失已达到1万亿韩元(合8.8亿美元),其中一部分原因是去年的“萨德”风波引起中国消费者对韩货的抵制。
    Since the second half of 2016, Lotte Mart's total loss in China has shot up to nearly 1 trillion won ($880 million), which has been partly blamed on a boycott on South Korean goods by Chinese shoppers over last year's THAAD missile controversy.


  • 狂犬病疫苗
    human rabies vaccine
  • 违反了中国药品管理和生产监督的相关法律法规
    violate China's laws and regulations on drug management and production supervision
  • 违规行为包括勾兑混合不同批次的疫苗原液、伪造生产日期以及使用过期的疫苗原液生产部分批次产品。
    Violations included blending different batches of vaccine fluid, falsifying dates of production and using expired fluid to produce some of the batches.
  • 行政处罚决定
    administrative penalty decision
  • 巨额罚款
    hefty fine
  • 吉林省食品药品监督管理局吊销了该公司的《药品生产许可证》,没收违法生产的疫苗、违法所得18.9亿元,并处罚款72.1亿元。
    Jilin Food and Drug Administration revoked the company's pharmaceutical production license, confiscated the illegally-produced vaccines and total income of 1.89 billion yuan from defective vaccine sales and imposed a fine of 7.21 billion yuan.

#北大医院妇产科医生遭殴打# 打人者已被刑拘

  • 中国医师协会呼吁人们尊医重卫,打击违法行为。
    The Chinese Medical Doctor Association urged respect for physicians and a crackdown on illegal behavior.
  • 强烈谴责已经不能表达我们的愤怒,但医患关系不能因偶发伤医事件而走向破裂。We consider “strong condemnation” not strong enough to express our anger, but believe that an isolated incident should not destroy the relationship between doctors and patients.
  • 零容忍
    zero tolerance
  • 拘留
    take into custody

痛心!男子骗保假死 #妻子带儿女溺亡后丈夫又现身#

  • 上周五,一名男子被湖南省娄底市警方拘留,该男子为获得保险赔偿而伪造事故身亡,导致其妻子携儿女自杀。
    Police in Loudi, Hunan province, detained a man on Friday who faked his death in an accident in order to get an insurance payout, resulting in his wife's suicide and the deaths of their two children.
  • 该男子因涉嫌故意毁坏财物和保险诈骗罪被警方拘留。
    The man was detained by police on suspicion of intentional destruction of property and insurance fraud.
  • 递交保险索赔
    file an insurance claim
  • 构成犯罪
    constitute a crime
  • 该男子的欺诈行为并不是造成其妻子和儿女溺亡的直接原因,所以他对妻儿的死亡不负刑事责任,也很难判定他的民事责任。
    His deception was not the direct cause of the deaths of his wife and children, so he is not criminally responsible for their deaths and it would be hard to determine his civil liability.
  • 尸检
    postmortem examination
  • 网贷
    online loan


  • 厕所革命
    toilet revolution
  • 卫生厕所普及率
    penetration rate of sanitary toilets
  • 厕所改造
    toilet retrofitting
  • 七项措施包括:全面摸清底数、科学编制建设规划、合理选择改厕标准和模式、试点示范、强化技术支撑、建立完善管护运行机制、同步推进厕所粪污无害化处理。
    These seven measures are: a comprehensive understanding of the basic need, developing scientific plans for construction, the rational selection of standards and models for the new toilets, pilot demonstrations, strengthening of technical support for installation, the establishment and improvement of management and operation mechanisms, and the simultaneous promotion of using toilets in a way that does not release hazardous waste.
  • 示范村
    demonstration villages
  • 地处偏远、经济欠发达地区
    remote and underdeveloped areas


  • 中国共享单车巨头#摩拜#已就专利侵权起诉打车软件#滴滴出行#,索赔人民币800万元。
    Mobike, one of China's bike-sharing giants, has filed an eight million yuan claim for compensation against ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing over alleged patent infringements.
  • 摩拜声称,智能锁最先由摩拜研发成功,并应用于共享单车服务。
    Mobike claims that it was the first company to invent smart-lock technology, and also the first company to introduce smart locks into bike-sharing services.
  • 青桔单车方面对此回应称,充分尊重中国的专利保护法律,并将遵守法院判决结果。
    Beijing Small Orange Technology Company has countered that it respects China's patent protection laws, and will abide by the court's judgment.
  • 附属/子公司
    subsidiary company


  • 中国南方人对疟疾的免疫力比北方人强。但在北方大部分省份,人体内与脂肪酸代谢有关的基因明显富集。
    People from the southern part of China have developed stronger immunity against malaria than those in the north, but a gene related to fatty acid metabolism has a much higher frequency in most of the northern provinces.
  • 作为丝绸之路的重要节点,甘肃和青海两个省份的居民基因与欧洲人颇为相似。
    People in Gansu and Qinghai provinces, a key area of the Silk Road, share more similar genes with Europeans.
  • 一项对14余万中国人进行的基因组研究成果,加深了人们对庞大的中国人口和各民族的基因遗传特征的了解。
    A genome study of more than 140,000 people has greatly expanded China’s knowledge of its vast population and ethnic groups.
  • 展示一个国家生物医药核心竞争力的重要因素
    a significant factor for a nation’s core competence in the biomedical field
  • 基因流动
    gene flow
  • 脂肪酸代谢
    fatty acid metabolism
  • 传染病
    infectious disease


  • 人教社否认从高中历史教材中删除关于发明世界首台地动仪的科学家张衡的相关内容。
    People's Education Press denied reports that it removed any mention of Zhang Heng invented the world's first seismograph from junior high school history textbooks.
  • 关于删除张衡地动仪相关内容的传闻在网上引起热议,很多人认为将张衡的名字删除是一种不尊重历史和科学的表现。
    News of the removal sparked heated discussions online, with many saying removing Zhang's name disrespects history and science.
  • 历史人物
    historical figure
  • 地震仪
    earthquake detector

国家医保局:17种#抗癌药#纳入医保 价格平均下降56.7%

  • 纳入医保报销目录后,药物零售价格平均下降56.7%。
    After inclusion in medical insurance, the average price fall was 56.7 percent, compared to the retail prices.
  • 基本医保项目
    basic medical insurance programs
  • 临床试验
    clinical trial
  • 治疗效果
    curative effect
  • 17种专利药物中有12种用于实体肿瘤治疗,另外5种用于血液肿瘤治疗。
    The 17 patented drugs include 12 for solid tumors treatment and the other five for hematological neoplasms treatment.

#中国锦鲤信小呆#独享中奖率为三百万分之一的@支付宝 大奖

  • 一位在北京工作的26岁女IT工程师赢得了中奖率为三百万分之一的支付宝大奖,在网上一夜爆红。
    A Beijing-based 26-year-old female IT engineer has become an overnight internet sensation after she hit a marketing jackpot sponsored by Alipay against an odd of one in three million.
  • 这份大奖包括一个超长礼品清单,其中有饰品、手机、化妆品、免费入驻豪华酒店,还可以去亚洲、北美、非洲和欧洲多个国家旅游。
    The grand prize featured an astonishingly long list of items that include accessories, phones, cosmetic products, as well as free deluxe accommodation and trips to numerous countries in Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe.
  • 得知自己中奖后,她兴奋到手抖。
    She was so excited that her hands couldn't stop shaking after confirming the win.
  • 幸运抽奖活动
    lucky draw campaign
  • 占据新闻头条
    grab news headlines
  • 网友希望能沾沾她的喜气。
    Netizens hope that her luck would rub off onto them.


  • 总部位于美国的电动汽车初创公司法拉第未来回应称其单方面毁约的原因是中国地产集团恒大未能按照承诺支付资金并履行交易。
    US-based electric car startup Faraday Future said China's property developer Evergrande has failed to live up to its end of the bargain by not making the promised payments, in a response to arbitration seeking to end a deal with the real estate company.
  • 合资公司
    joint venture
  • 股票交易
    stock exchange
  • 董事会
    board of directors
  • 原始股东
    original shareholder


  • 美国科技巨头苹果公司致信美国国会,对媒体报道中国黑客攻击其供应链的新闻予以否认。
    U.S. tech giant Apple Inc has sent a letter to the U.S. Congress, denying media reports claiming attacks to its supply chain by Chinese hackers.
  • “苹果的专有安全工具会不断扫描这种出站流量,它会显示是否存在恶意软件或其他恶意活动。但(安全工具)从来没有发现过类似情况。”
    “Apple’s proprietary security tools are continuously scanning for precisely this kind of outbound traffic, as it indicates the existence of malware or other malicious activity. Nothing was ever found.”
  • 中国是网络安全的坚定维护者。
    China is a resolute defender of cybersecurity.
  • 恶意芯片
    malicious chip
  • 服务器主板
    server motherboard
  • 保密义务
    confidentiality obligation

#国庆返程高峰结束# 国内游客达7.26亿人次

  • 中国铁路客流量在国庆节最后一天达到了最高峰。
    China's railway traffic reached its peak on the last day of the National Day holiday.
  • 每日客流量
    daily passenger flow
  • 返乡高峰
    the rush of people returning home
  • 出境乘客
    outbound passengers
  • 家庭团聚
    family reunion


  • 学生会的宗旨是为同学服务。学生会干部不应追求个人利益,我们反对形式主义、铺张浪费和自私自利。
    The purpose of student unions is to serve students. Student union leaders should not seek personal interests, and we oppose formalism, extravagance and selfishness.
  • 41所高校联合声明反对学生会官僚作风。
    Forty-one universities jointly agreed to oppose bureaucratic practices at student unions.
  • 抑制过分官僚气
    curb bureaucratic excesses


  • 10月1日至4日全国接待国内游客5.02亿人次,同比增长8.8%。
    A total of 502 million domestic tourists were received across China during the first four days of the National Day holiday, an 8.8 percent year-on-year growth.
  • 国庆前四天实现国内旅游收入4169亿元,同比增长8.12%。
    The country’s tourism industry raked in 416.9 billion yuan ($60.6 billion) in revenue during the four days, up 8.12 percent from a year earlier.
  • 临时交通管制
    temporary traffic control
  • 地陪
    local guide
  • 旺季
    peak season
  • 自驾游
    self-drive tour
  • 文化和旅游部
    Ministry of Culture and Tourism


  • 网络成瘾指在无成瘾物质作用下对互联网使用冲动的失控行为。
    Internet addiction refers to one exhibiting uncontrollable internet use without being affected by other addictive substances.
  • 持续时间是诊断网络成瘾障碍的主要标准,相关行为需至少持续12个月才能确诊。The duration of addictive actions is a major criterion in diagnosing such a disorder, with symptoms having to have lasted at least 12 months.
  • 国家卫生健康委员会
    China's National Health Commission
  • 过度依赖网络
    excessive internet dependence


  • 诺贝尔生理学或医学奖
    Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • 免疫学家
  • 免疫系统
    immune system
  • 癌症治疗
    cancer therapy
  • 癌细胞
    cancer cells
  • 两位诺奖得主的发现具有开创性,是人类抗击癌症的里程碑。
    The seminal discoveries by the two Laureates constitute a landmark in our fight against cancer.

国庆节快乐!Happy National Day!

  • 中华人民共和国成立69周年
    the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China
  • 升旗仪式
    flag-raising ceremony
  • 国旗
    national flag
  • 护卫队
    guard of honor