身份认证 identity authentication
餐饮业 catering business
网红经济 online celebrity economy
开放、融通、互利、共赢的合作观 open and inclusive cooperation for win-win outcomes

缩小发展差距 bridge the gap in development
国际仲裁 international arbitration
学历造假 fabricate academic credentials
燃煤替代 coal substitution
清洁取暖 clean energy heating

养老保险基金中央调剂制度 a central adjustment system for basic pension funds
零售商店 retail outlet
投诉程序 complaints procedure
全额退款 full refund
退货规定 returns policy

有氧运动 aerobics exercise
苗条的身材 willowy physique
高强度间歇性训练 high-intensity interval training
未来劳动力 future labor force
叫车服务 ride-hailing

拼车 carpool
价值链 value chains
多边体制 multilateral mechanisms
企业家精神 entrepreneurship
垃圾无害化处理 harmless disposal of garbage

垃圾循环利用 recycling of garbage
生活垃圾处理收费制度 a comprehensive charging system for collecting and processing household waste
自动变道 auto lane change
贸易霸凌 trade bully
采取对策 take countermeasures

海洋生态 ocean ecology
高考状元 gaokao top scorer
开放式办公室 an open-plan office
虚拟的网络世界 virtual online world
视野狭隘,井底之蛙 tunnel vision

健康宣传活动 health campaign
建立全面合作、共同发展、面向未来的战略伙伴关系 establish a future-oriented strategic partnership of comprehensive cooperation and common development
进口结构 the structure of imports
生产消费升级 upgrade production and consumption
国际市场布局 the layout of the international market

垃圾短信 spam
骚扰电话 nuisance calls
群发短信 mass texting
响一声就挂的电话 abandoned calls
电信诈骗 telecom fraud

短信诈骗 SMs phishing(smishing)
故地重游 a repeat visit
天然合作伙伴 natural partner
金融平台 financial platform
旅游保证金 travel deposit

强制技术转让 forced technology transfer
贸易霸凌主义 trade hegemony and bullying
在线旅游企业 online travel agencies
“不愿打、不怕打、必要时不得不打”的原则立场 the principled position of "not wanting a trade war, not being afraid of one, and having to fight one when necessary"
反对以牺牲别国安全换取自身绝对安全的做法 oppose the practices of seeking absolute security of oneself at the expense of the security of other countries
退群 exit from a group
不管外部环境发生什么变化 no matter how things change outside
对等反制措施 take reciprocal countermeasures

小雨 light rain
中雨 moderate rain
大雨 heavy rain
暴雨 torrential rain
大暴雨 downpour
特大暴雨 heavy downpour

课外培训机构 after-school training institutions
平均降水量 average precipitation
人均可支配收入 per capita disposable income

自助售票机 a self-service ticket vending machine
无纸化票务 paperless ticketing
美联储 U.S. Federal Reserve
逐步加息 gradual rate hikes
生态文化 eco-culture

个性化推荐 customized recommendation
移动互联 the mobile Internet
科技巨头 tech giants
生态系统退化 degradation of the ecosystem
消息推送 push notifications

快捷图标 short-cut icon
申请永久居住权 apply for permanent residency
国事访问 a state visit
欢迎仪式 welcome ceremony
检阅仪仗队 inspect the guard of honor

违法生产狂犬疫苗 illegal production of rabies vaccines
查明疫苗的有效性 ascertain the effectiveness of vaccines
伪造生产记录 fabricated production records
白喉 diphtheria
百日咳 pertussis

朝阳产业 sunrise industries
风雨同舟、休戚与共 stand together through thick and thin, share weal and woe
虚拟运营商 virtual network operator
民间资本 private capital
远程医疗 telemedicine

异地就医住院费用直接结算工作 direct settlement of hospitalized expenses in places away from one's hometown
预约诊疗 medical service pre-registration
国际产业分工 international division of labor
经济全球化的红利 the benefits of economic globalization

创新投入 input in innovation
新旧动能转换 replace old growth drivers with new ones
第四次产业革命的核心技术 the core technologies of the fourth industrial revolution
基于规则的既有秩序 the existing rule-based order
内部监控视频存储卡 internal surveillance video storage cards

生产流程 the production process
文创产品 cultural and creative products
时代潮流 the trend of the times
云平台 cloud platform
人力资源市场 human resources market
全国统一医保 a unified national medical insurance service

国民经济总体平稳、稳中向好 stable and sound economic performance
探索适合自身国情发展道路 explore a development path befitting our respective circumstances
发展理念 development philosophies
政策目标 policy objectives
时代潮流滚滚向前,世界发展常变常新。As time marches on, the world changes and evolves into a new one.
电子客票系统 e-ticket system
刷手机、刷身份证进出车站 swipe mobile phones or ID cards to enter or exit the railway station