跳皮筋 rubber band skipping
踢毽子 shuttlecock kicking
跳房子 hopscotching
滚铁环 iron ring pushing
电脑游戏 computer games

明星工作室 celebrities' studios
电子社保卡 digital social security cards
财产公证 property notarization
术语工具 terminology tools
再生资源回收分拣中心 recycling and sorting center for renewable resources

升旗仪式 flag-raising ceremony
护卫队 guard of honor
过度依赖网络 excessive internet dependence
临时交通管制 temporary traffic control
现磨咖啡 freshly brewed coffee

机器人送餐 robotic delivery of
人脸识别支付 payments using facial recognition
出境乘客 outbound passengers
返乡高峰 the rush of people returning home
每日客流量 daily passenger flow

内生经济增长动力 endogenous growth momentum
股票交易 stock exchange
恶意芯片 malicious chip
保密义务 confidentiality obligation
货币信贷 monetary credit

避税 tax avoidance
保险索赔 an insurance claim
构成犯罪 constitute a crime
网贷 online loan
模块化自动生产线 automated modular production line

幸运抽奖活动 lucky draw campaign
占据新闻头条 grab news headlines
网上一夜爆红 become an overnight Internet sensation
临床试验 clinical trial
治疗效果 curative effect

中国国际进口博览会 China International Import Expo
处偏远、经济欠发达地区 remote and underdeveloped areas
示范村 demonstration villages
信用信息管理制度 credit information management system
禁烟令 smoking ban

二手烟 second-hand smoking
电子烟 electronic cigarettes
稳健中性的货币政策 a prudent and neutral monetary policy
增量资金 incremental capital
劳务报酬 remuneration for personal service

智能制造 intelligent manufacturing
最前沿的解决方案 cutting-edge solutions
家政服务 household management service
积分落户制 a points-based household registration system
巨额罚款 a hefty fine

差异化服务 differentiated services
金融创新 financial innovation
法治环境规范 sound legal environment
开放型经济新体制 new institutions of the open economy
科研攻关 tackle key problems in science and technology

行政处罚决定 administrative penalty decision
药品生产许可证 pharmaceutical production license
医暴 violence against medical staff
外地人 non-native
流动人口 migrant population

游戏成瘾 game addiction
个税改革 reform of personal income tax
专项附加扣除 special expense deductions
累进税制 progressive taxing mechanism
选秀节目 talent shows

手机游戏 mobile games
体感游戏 motion sensing games
桌游 board role-playing games
港珠澳大桥 the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
在较为动荡的全球经济环境中 amid global fluctuations

下行压力增大 rising downward pressure
总体平稳,稳中有进态势 a trend of overall stability and steady progress
通关 customs clearance
交谊舞 ballroom dancing
全民健身的热潮 a nationwide fitness craze

减灾 disaster relief
民用空间基础设施 civil space infrastructure
数字创意 digital creativity
智能网联公交车 buses linked with intelligent networks
海洋资源开发利用 marine resource exploitation and utilization

积极的财政政策和稳健的货币政策 a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy
空间实验室 space lab
大湾区 Greater Bay Area
炸弹包裹 package/mail bomb
恐怖行径 act of terror

监控摄像头 surveillance cameras
共创开放共赢新格局 create an open and win-win scenario
货运飞船 cargo spacecraft
跨海大桥 cross-sea bridge
"一站式"通关 one-off customs clearance
车牌 car plate
城际列车 intercity train
绿色出行 green commuting

The real economy is the foundation of a country's economy and the source of its wealth.

China and Japan are close neighbors with great converging interests.

China's GDP growth reached 6.7 percent year-on-year in the first three quarters of this year.

Independent innovation is the only way toward scaling the world's heights in science and technology, and all enterprises should make arduous efforts in this direction.

As the first road link to span the Pearl River Estuary, the bridge and tunnel will energize the regional economy and integrate cities from both sides of the estuary into one dynamic community.

In 1955, he published his first martial arts novel The Book and the Sword under the pen name Jin Yong coincidentally, which was an instant success.