英语热词 | 2019年8月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


  • 路怒
    road rage
  • 掉头
    perform a U-turn
  • 大檐帽
    a wide-rimmed hat
  • 衣着寒酸
    in shoddy clothes
  • 斑马线
    zebra crossing
  • 肆无忌惮的举止
    unscrupulous gestures
  • 嚣张跋扈的行为
    imperious deeds
  • 病毒式传播
    go viral


  • 对恶劣行径予以严厉谴责
    strongly condemn the egregious acts
  • 将中国国旗扔入海中
    fling the Chinese national flag into the sea
  • 激进示威者
    radical protesters
  • 公然冒犯国家、民族尊严
    blatantly offend the state and national dignity
  • 肆意践踏“一国两制”原则底线
    wantonly trample on the bottom line of the “one country, two systems” principle
  • 司法机构judicial organs
  • 侮辱国旗的丑陋行径
    ugly flag-insulting acts
  • 滑进犯罪的深渊
    slip into the abyss of criminality


  • 在合理均衡水平上保持基本稳定
    keep basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level
  • 单边主义和贸易保护主义措施
    unilateral and protectionist measures
  • 宏观层面
    macro perspective
  • 财政状况
    fiscal position
  • 跨境资本流动
    cross-border capital movement
  • 外汇储备
    foreign exchange reserves
  • 全球资金的“洼地”
    hotspot for global capital
  • 坚决打击短期投机炒作
    crack down on short-term speculation
  • 贸易争端
    trade dispute
  • 附加关税
    additional tariffs
  • 人民币贬值
    the yuan depreciation


  • 弱鸟先飞
    weak birds take flight early
  • 滴水穿石
    constant dropping wears away a stone
  • 巩固脱贫成果
    consolidate achievements made in poverty relief
  • 努力走出一条具有闽东特色的乡村振兴之路
    work hard to embark on a path of rural vitalization reflecting the characteristics of eastern Fujian Province

美国财政部将中国列为汇率操纵国 央行:是任性的单边主义和保护主义行为

  • 中国坚决反对美国将中国列为“汇率操纵国”,强调中方始终坚持不搞竞争性贬值,没有也不会将汇率作为工具来应对贸易争端。
    China voiced strong opposition to the U.S. decision to label it “a currency manipulator,” stressing that it has never resorted to competitive devaluation and will not use the currency as a tool to deal with trade disputes.
  • 量化标准
    quantitative criteria
  • 任性的单边主义和保护主义行为
    arbitrary unilateral and protectionist practice
  • 加征关税
    impose additional tariffs
  • 良好经济基本面
    sound fundamentals
  • 跨境资本流动大体平衡
    balanced cross-border capital movement
  • 外汇储备充足
    sufficient foreign exchange reserves

埃及开罗发生恐怖袭击 习近平向埃及总统塞西致慰问电

  • 致慰问电
    send a message of condolences
  • 惊悉贵国首都发生严重恐怖袭击
    be shocked to learn about the grave terrorist attack in the capital
  • 对遇难者表示深切的哀悼
    express deep condolences over the victims
  • 向伤者和遇难者家属表示诚挚的慰问
    convey heartfelt sympathy to the injured and the bereaved families
  • 坚决反对一切形式的恐怖主义
    firmly oppose terrorism in all its forms
  • 对这次恐怖袭击予以强烈谴责
    strongly condemn the terrorist attack


  • 港独分子
    “Hong Kong Independence” activists
  • 美国总领馆
    U.S. Consulate General
  • 提出严正交涉
    lodge stern representations
  • 表达强烈不满和坚决反对
    express strong disapproval and firm opposition
  • 要求澄清
    require clarification
  • 维护国家主权安全的意志坚定不移
    rock-firm in upholding national sovereignty
  • 恪守国际法和国际关系基本准则
    abide by international law and basic norms
  • 与各种反中分子划清界限
    make a clean break from anti-China forces
  • 停止插手香港事务
    refrain from meddling with Hong Kong affairs

台风利奇马已造成651万人受灾 至少43人死亡

  • 强台风利奇马席卷中国东部。
    The powerful typhoon Lekima churns through China’s east coast.
  • 装填沙袋
    stacked sandbags
  • 清理街道积水
    drain water off the street
  • 断电
    power cuts
  • 通讯中断
    disruption of communication
  • 暴雨
    torrential downpours
  • 直接经济损失
    direct economic losses
  • 再次登陆
    make a second landing
  • 发布暴雨红色预警
    issue a red alert for heavy rain
  • 撤离到安全地带
    evacuate to safe places

蔻驰道歉范思哲道歉:将港澳台列为国家 不尊重中国主权 

  • 引起抗议
    spark a backlash
  • 尊重中国主权和领土完整
    respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity
  • 公然挑战底线
    blatantly challenging the bottom line
  • 政治动机
    political motives
  • 品牌声誉
    brand prestige
  • 港独分子
    Hong Kong secessionists
  • 背面
    the reverse side


  • 5次踏出国门
    make five overseas visits
  • 出席四场多边会议
    attend four multilateral gatherings
  • 缔造广泛共识
    forge broader consensuses
  • 共同构建人类命运共同体
    jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind

香港示威者群殴游客至昏迷 环球时报记者付国豪遭殴打

  • 玷污香港国际声誉
    stain the international reputation of Hong Kong
  • 以香港经济支柱作赌注
    gambling at the expense of Hong Kong’s economic pillar
  • 做出破坏行为,损害香港法治
    committing vandalism and damaging the rule of law
  • 制造混乱
    create chaos
  • 航班取消
    cancellations of flights
  • 滞留的乘客
    stranded passengers
  • 不断升级的暴力活动
    ever-escalating violence


  • 临时禁制令
    interim injunction
  • 禁止任何人非法、故意阻碍或干扰机场的正常使用
    restrain persons from unlawfully and willfully obstructing or interfering with the proper use of the airport
  • 确认起飞时间
    confirmation of departure time
  • 强烈的愤慨和谴责
    strong indignation and condemnation
  • 激进示威者
    radical protesters
  • 使机场瘫痪
    paralyze operations of the airport


  • 与极端分子勾结
    collude with extremists
  • 混淆是非
    confound right with wrong
  • 顽固采取双标态度
    apply bigoted double standards
  • 坚决维护国家主权
    rock-firm in defending national sovereignty
  • 讨价还价的筹码
    bargaining chip
  • 阻挠中国发展
    hold back China’s development


  • 建交45年来,中巴关系历久弥坚。
    Since their diplomatic ties were forged 45 years ago, the China--Brazil relationship has grown stronger as time goes by.
  • 成为发展中大国团结合作、携手发展的典范
    set a good example of unity, cooperation and shared development between major developing countries
  • 双方合作潜力巨大,前景十分广阔。
    Bilateral cooperation has huge potential and a promising future


  • 教育是发展的关键,因此至关重要。
    Education is essential as it is the key to development.
  • 督促学生求知若渴
    urge students stay hungry for knowledge
  • 保持对科学探索的兴趣
    keep interest in scientific exploration
  • 强调学生的全面发展
    underscore well-rounded development of students


  • 粗暴干涉中国内政
    grossly interfere in China's internal affairs
  • 严重违反一个中国原则和中美三个联合公报规定
    severely violate the one-China principle and the three China-U.S. joint communiques
  • 美方应立即取消有关对台军售计划
    urge the U.S to immediately cancel its planned arms sales to Taiwan
  • 停止向“台独”分裂势力发出严重错误信号
    stop sending severely wrong signals to "Taiwan independence" separatist forces
  • 任何势力都不要低估我们捍卫国家主权和领土完整的决心和能力。
    No force should underestimate our resolve and capability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

支持香港艺人发声 共同守护香港

  • 呼吁停止暴力
    call for the end of violence
  • 希望香港稳定
    express hope of a stable Hong Kong
  • 安全、稳定与和平就像空气,只有当我们失去它们时,才会明白它们的可贵。
    Safety, stability and peace are like air, whose value is cherished only when we lose them.

习近平:把生态文明建设当作大事来抓 建设美丽中国

  • 强调生态文明建设的重要性
    underscore the importance of ecological conservation
  • 沙漠化防治
    desertification control
  • 生态恢复
    ecological restoration
  • 生态屏障
    ecological shield
  • 绿水青山就是金山银山。
    Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.

地球之肺正在燃烧 亚马逊雨林烧了3个星期

  • 大火正在以前所未有的速度肆虐。
    Fires are raging at a record rate.
  • 被誉为“地球之肺”
    be referred to as the planet's lungs
  • 产生了地球大气中20%的氧气
    produce 20% of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere
  • 减缓全球变暖
    slow global warming


  • 行政长官
    chief executive
  • 回归祖国
    return to the motherland
  • 维护国家主权
    safeguard national sovereignty
  • 高度自治
    a high degree of autonomy
  • 捍卫“一国两制”
    uphold the principle of “one country, two systems”
  • 法治社会
    a society based on the rule of law


  • 推动形成优势互补高质量发展的区域经济布局
    improve regional economic planning featuring complementary advantages and high-quality development
  • 提升产业基础能力和产业链水平
    upgrade basic industries and industrial chains
  • 我国制造业规模居全球首位,是全世界唯一拥有全部工业门类的国家。
    China is the world’s largest manufacturer and is the only country owning all industrial categories worldwide.


  • 贷款基准利率
    one-year benchmark lending rate
  • 个人住房贷款利率
    personal mortgage loan rate
  • 贷款市场报价利率
    loan prime rate
  • 市场化改革
    market-driven reform
  • 房住不炒
    Houses are for living in and not for speculative investment.

林书豪加盟北京首钢 将披7号战袍征战CBA

  • 自由球员
    free agent
  • 新赛季
    new season
  • 被称为“林疯狂”
    dubbed “Linsanity”
  • 美籍亚裔
  • 林书豪在美职篮常规赛场得到11.6分、2.8个篮板和4.3次助攻。
    Jeremy Lin logged 11.6 points, 2.8 rebounds and 4.3 assists in his NBA career.

改善区域经济布局 促进高质量发展

  • 我国经济发展的空间结构正在发生深刻变化。
    China’s structure of economic development is undergoing profound changes.
  • 中心城市和城市群正在成为承载发展要素的主要空间形式。
    Central cities and city clusters are becoming the major vessels for development.
  • 坚持政府引导和市场机制相结合
    combine government guidance and the market mechanism


  • 推进高质量共建“一带一路”
    push forward the high-quality construction of the Belt and Road
  • 遵循睦邻友好、互惠互助精神
    adhere to the spirit of good-neighborliness, mutual benefit and mutual assistance
  • 打造人文合作新亮点
    foster new highlight in people-to-people and cultural exchanges


  • 延长人民币使用寿命
    extend the service life of renminbi
  • 硬币色泽由金黄色改为镍白色。
    The coin’s color becomes nickel instead of golden yellow.
  • 正背面内周缘由圆形调整为多边形,方便弱视群体识别。
    The inner edge of the coin is changed into a polygon from circle, making it more identifiable to people with poor eyesight.
  • 凹印手感线
    tactile lines
  • 防伪特征
    anti-counterfeiting features
  • 升级现有验钞设备
    upgrade the existing currency detectors
  • 纸币
  • 货币流通
    currency circulation