英语热词 | 2019年9月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


  • 换脸
    APP face swap app
  • 过度收集用户个人信息
    excessively collect personal information
  • 在网上引发广泛争议
    spark wide controversy online
  • 面部识别支付
    facial recognition payment
  • 微信分享链接被停止访问。
    The app s sharing link on WeChat was shut down.
  • 网页存在安全风险,被多人投诉。
    "The page has security hazards and has received many complaints.”
  • 为维护绿色上网环境,已停止访问。
    “In order to maintain a good internet environment, access has been stopped.”


  • 弘扬人道、博爱、奉献精神
    champion the spirit of humanity, compassion and dedication
  • 改革创新、奋发有为
    pursue reform and innovation with great endeavor
  • 开展国际援助
    carry out international assistance
  • 中国红十字会
    Red Cross Society of China

中国男篮惜败波兰 :4日决战委内瑞拉队

  • 加时赛
  • 关键时刻失误
    make key-time errors
  • 传球给队友
    pass the ball to teammates
  • 罚出球场
    be fouled out
  • 第三次犯规
    pick up the third foul
  • 控球
    ball possession


  • 发扬斗争精神,增强斗争本领
    maintain a fighting spirit and strengthen the ability to struggle
  • 立场坚定
    absolute determination
  • 为实现“两个一百年”奋斗目标、实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦而顽强奋斗
    strive for achieving the two centenary goals and the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation
  • 危害国家和人民根本利益
    jeopardize the core and fundamental interests of the country and the people


  • 制造了令人发指的罪恶
    commit outrageous crimes
  • 远远超出了正常游行集会的范畴
    go far beyond the category of normal demonstrations
  • 现在已经到了维护“一国两制”原则底线、维护香港繁荣稳定的重要关头。
    China has reached the crucial juncture of safeguarding the bottom line of "One Country, Two Systems" principle and maintaining Hong Kong s prosperity and stability.
  • 驻港部队
    People s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison

苹果误用美元结算工资 中国开发者收入翻7

  • 软件开发人员
    software developer
  • 把美元兑换成人民币
    convert U.S. dollars into Chinese yuan
  • 中国开发者收入大幅增长
    dramatic increase in Chinese developers’ income

津巴布韦前总统去世 终年95

  • 自今年4月以来,穆加贝一直在新加坡医院接受治疗。
    Mugabe had been receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April.
  • 统治津巴布韦近40年
    rule Zimbabwe for nearly four decades
  • 在军事政变中被赶下台
    be ousted in a military coup

男篮失利责任谁来承担? 姚明一个字回应:我!

  • 中国篮协主席
    Chinese Basketball Association president
  • 承担全部责任
    take all the responsibility
  • 无缘直通东京奥运会
    fail to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics
  • 中国篮球和世界先进水平的差距越来越大。
    The gap between China and the world leading basketball countries has been enlarged.
  • 继续改革
    keep on reform
  • 职业联赛
    professional league


  • 批准法案阻止“无协议脱欧”
    give approval to a piece of legislation blocking a no-deal Brexit
  • 御准
    Royal Assent
  • 举行临时选举
    hold a snap election


  • 全面深化改革
    comprehensively expand in-depth reform
  • 加强改革系统集成、协同高效
    strengthen the synergy, coordination and efficiency in advancing reform
  • 推动各方面制度更加成熟更加定型
    make institutions in all areas more mature and in better shape
  • 体制性障碍
    institutional obstacles
  • 增强社会治理能力
    enhance social governance capacity


  • 教育系统先进集体和先进个人代表
    outstanding units and individuals in education circles
  • 尊重宽容、严爱相济
    display respect and tolerance towards students and treat them with both love and strict rules
  • 增强职业吸引力
    increase the appeal of the profession


  • 纪念911事件18周年
    commemorate 18th anniversary of 9/11 attacks
  • 19名男子劫持了4架满载燃油的美国商用飞机。
    Nineteen men hijacked four fuel-loaded U.S. commercial airplanes.
  • 这次袭击是由基地组织领导人奥萨马·本·拉登精心策划的。
    The attack was orchestrated by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.


  • 澳门特别行政区行政长官
    chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region
  • 秉持爱国爱澳立场
    adhere to the position of loving the country and Macao
  • 担任公职期间尽心尽力
    work wholeheartedly on public posts
  • 获得广泛认同
    win broad endorsement
  • 回归祖国
    return to the motherland


  • 在滑雪事故中头部受重伤
    suffer severe head injuries in a skiing accident
  • 一级方程式赛车传奇
    Formula One Legend
  • 在法拉利车队连续五次夺冠
    win five successive titles with Ferrari
  • 把他的一生都奉献给了赛车运动
    devote his life to the sport of auto racing

美籍华裔女大胃王去世 友人:去世与竞赛性饮食无关

  • 享年54岁
    pass away at the age of 54
  • 竞赛性饮食
    competitive eating
  • 她2006年以来参加了200多场大胃王比赛。
    she has competed in more than 200 eating contests since 2006
  • 她在八分钟内吃掉了超过13磅的蔓越莓酱。
    She ate more than 13 pounds of jellied cranberry sauce in eight minutes.
  • “饥饿计划”
    The Hunger Project


  • 在2016年举行公投
    call the referendum in 2016
  • 支持留在欧盟
    support remaining in the EU
  • 全力应对英国脱欧问题
    wrestle with the Brexit issue


  • 九•一八事变
    the September 18th Incident
  • 标志着日本帝国主义侵华的开端
    mark the start of imperial Japan’s invasion of China
  • 犯下滔天罪行
    commit horrible crimes
  • 南京大屠杀
    Nanjing Massacre
  • 近代中国史上最黑暗的日子
    the darkest days of modern China

香港乌蛟腾烈士碑被涂污 香港市民自发连夜清洗

  • 第二次世界大战纪念碑
    World War II cenotaph
  • 被反政府的暴徒亵渎
    be desecrated by anti-government mobsters
  • 抗日战争中,为保卫香港而牺牲
    die in fighting the Japanese invasion to safeguard Hong Kong
  • 缅怀先烈
    in memory of martyrs


  • 坚定信心埋头苦干
    unshakable confidence and hard work with great determination
  • 谱写新时代中原更加出彩的绚丽篇章
    write a magnificent chapter of the central region in the new era
  • 不断增强人民群众获得感、幸福感、安全感
    give people a stronger sense of fulfillment, happiness and security
  • 把制造业高质量发展作为主攻方向
    focus on the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry
  • 把创新摆在发展全局的突出位置
    give priority to innovation in overall development
  • 源头上解决生态环境问题
    address environmental issues at the source


  • 同台当局断绝“外交关系”
    sever "diplomatic ties" with the Taiwan authorities
  • 台湾是中国领土不可分割的一部分。
    Taiwan is an inalienable part of China s territory.
  • 中国和太平洋岛国关系保持快速发展势头。
    The relations between China and Pacific island countries maintain a momentum for rapid development.


  • 事关中华民族伟大复兴和永续发展的千秋大计
    be critical to the great rejuvenation and sustainable development of the Chinese nation
  • 抑制不合理用水需求
    curb unreasonable water demand
  • 积极探索富有地域特色的高质量发展新路子
    explore new ways of high-quality development with regional characteristics
  • 保护、传承、弘扬黄河文化
    preserve, inherit and carry forward the Yellow River culture
  • 中华民族的根和魂
    the root and soul of the Chinese nation

秋分迎农民丰收节 习近平祝贺:春种秋收,天道酬勤

  • 秋分
    Autumn Equinox
  • 农历二十四节气
    the 24 solar terms
  • 中国农民丰收节
    Chinese Farmers  Harvest Festival
  • 喜获丰收
    reap a bumper harvest
  • 中国农村振兴战略
    China s rural rejuvenation strategy

孟晚舟引渡案进入实质性审理阶段 将就已有证据辩论

  • 引渡程序
    extradition proceedings
  • 出示重要信息
    reveal important information
  • 否认所有指控
    deny any wrongdoing
  • 被非法逮捕
    be unlawfully arrested
  • 引发外交危机
    spark a diplomatic crisis


  • 北京大兴国际机场正式投运
    official opening of the Beijing Daxing International Airport
  • 建成了以航站楼、轨道交通、城际铁路、高速公路为主体的综合陆空联运枢纽。
    It has built a comprehensive air-ground combined transportation hub composed of terminal, rail transit, inter-city railway as well as an expressway.
  • 吞吐量
  • 无障碍设施
    barrier-free facilities
  • 登机桥
    boarding bridge
  • “刷脸”进站
    “face swiping” check-in


  • 千载难逢的机会
    once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  • 向祖国献上衷心的感谢和美好的祝愿
    extend gratitude and best wishes to the motherland
  • 中国维和部队
    Chinese peacekeepers
  • 仪仗队
    guards of honor
  • 军营
    military compound
  • 政委
    political commissar


  • 加强市场价格监管
    strengthen the supervision of market prices
  • 保持物价基本稳定,保障基本民生
    keep prices stable to ensure that people s basic living needs are met
  • 取消不合理禁养限养规定
    remove unreasonable bans on pig farming
  • 中央储备
    central reserves
  • 冻肉库存
    frozen meat inventory
  • 生猪生产
    hog production
  • 饲料供应
    fodder supply
  • 政府补贴猪肉
    government-subsidized pork
  • 一次性补贴
    one-off subsidies


  • 大庆油田
    Daqing Oilfield
  • 翻开了中国石油开发史上具有历史转折意义的一页
    opening a new chapter of historic significance in the country s oil exploration and development history
  • 镌刻在伟大祖国的历史丰碑上
    be engraved on the historical monument of the great motherland
  • 为实现“两个一百年”奋斗目标、实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦作出新的更大的贡献
    make new and greater contributions to the realization of the Two Centenary Goals and the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation

国家勋章和荣誉称号颁授仪式举行:36名中国人 6名外国人获得殊荣

  • 共和国勋章
    Medal of the Republic
  • 友谊勋章
    Friendship Medal
  • 国家荣誉称号
    national honorary titles
  • 男女同工同酬
    “equal pay for equal work” between men and women
  • 杂交水稻
    hybrid rice strain
  • 核潜艇
    nuclear submarine
  • 首航
    maiden voyage
  • 抗疟剂治疗
    anti-malarial treatment
  • 主席令
    presidential decree


  • 高度重视对英雄模范的表彰
    attach great importance to honoring heroes and role models
  • 弘扬他们身上展现的忠诚、执着、朴实的鲜明品格
    promote their qualities of loyalty, perseverance and humbleness
  • 伟大出自平凡,平凡造就伟大。
    Greatness comes out of the ordinary.
  • 崇尚英雄才会产生英雄,争做英雄才能英雄辈出。
    When people respect and advocate heroes, more heroes will come to the fore.
  • 坚定的理想信念
    firm ideals and convictions
  • 不平凡的成就
    extraordinary achievement

烈士纪念日 首都各界代表向先烈致敬

  • 纪念那些为中国人民解放事业和共和国建设事业英勇献身的烈士
    commemorate those who sacrificed their lives for national independence and prosperity
  • 向先烈致敬
    pay tribute to deceased national heroes
  • 烈士纪念日
    Martyrs’ Day
  • 各界代表
    all walks of life
  • 民族团结进步
    ethnic unity and progress
  • 无党派爱国人士
    patriotic persons without party affiliations
  • 由…主持
    preside over by