英语热词 | 2019年11月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


  • 干涉中国内政
    interfere in China’s internal affairs
  • 表示极大愤慨和坚决反对
    express strong indignation and firm opposition
  • 中方将采取有力措施予以坚决反制,一切后果必须由美方完全承担。
    The U.S. side must bear all the consequences resulting from China's resolute countermeasures.
  • 美方罔顾事实、颠倒黑白,公然为疯狂打砸烧、残害无辜市民、践踏法治、危害社会秩序的暴力犯罪分子撑腰打气,性质极其恶劣,用心十分险恶。
    The intention of the U.S. is very vicious, bolstering violent criminals who smashed facilities, attacked innocent residents and trampled on the rule of law and social order.
  • 不要低估中国维护国家主权、安全、发展利益的能力和手段。
    They should not underestimate China's capability and means to defend its national sovereignty, security and development interests.


  • 令我们震惊且悲痛万分,至今无法接受!
    We are very shocked and saddened and even until now find it impossible to accept.
  • 在节目录制过程中昏厥
    fainted during the recording
  • 参演节目的安全问题引发关注
    come under scrutiny for the lack of safety for its participants
  • 在录制综艺节目的过程中猝死
    collapse during the filming of a reality TV show
  • 参赛嘉宾
    guest contestant
  • 现场医护人员
    on-site medical staff
  • 心源性猝死
    sudden cardiac arrest
  • 中国年轻观众的偶像
    a nationwide sensation with young Chinese viewers

#网易回应暴力裁员事件# 网易前员工发文称企业“暴力裁员” 公司回应:我们错了

  • 被保安强行驱赶
    being violently frog-marched by security guards
  • 被主管强迫辞职
    forced by his supervisor to resign
  • 迟迟不给予他应得的赔偿
    withhold severance compensation to which he was legally entitled
  • 绩效考核结果为D
    D-level performance rating
  • 被诊断为扩张型心肌病
    diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy
  • 游戏策划
    game planner


  • 我国将在2022年前后完成空间站建造并开始运营。
    China plans to complete the construction of a space station and have it put into operation around 2022.
  • 规模为100吨
    designed to weigh 100 tons
  • 可载3人
    accommodate three astronauts
  • 独立掌握近地空间长期载人飞行技术
    independently master the technology for long-term manned flight in near-Earth space
  • 长期开展近地空间有人参与科学实验
    carry out long-term manned scientific experiments in near-Earth space


  • 用于治疗套细胞淋巴瘤的胶囊
    capsules for treatment of mantle cell lymphoma
  • 既往接受过至少一项疗法
    receiving at least one prior therapy
  • 中国制药企业
    China-based drugmaker
  • 加速批准
    accelerated approval
  • 罕见病
    rare diseases
  • 临床试验
    clinical trials
  • 新药
    novel drugs


A bronze horse-head statue was donated by Macao-based tycoon and collector Stanley Ho Hung-sun to the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

These animal-head taps took turns to spray water during different hours within a day, but a salvo would happen only at noon.

cultural relics

imperial resort

animal-head statue

taken abroad in the havoc

national stigma


  • 欧盟委员会正式批准抗埃博拉病毒疫苗“Ervebo”上市。
    The European Commission granted marketing authorization to Merck’s vaccine, known as Ervebo.
  • 这是一个历史性的里程碑,也是科学、创新和公私合作力量的证明。
    It is a historic milestone and a testament to the power of science, innovation and public-private partnership.
  • 埃博拉疫苗
    Ebola vaccine
  • 临床试验
    a clinical trial
  • 监管机构
    regulatory agency
  • 传染病
    infectious disease
  • 体温
    body temperature
  • 血管
    blood vessel
  • 免疫系统
    immune system


  • 炒作假新闻
    hyping fake news
  • 通讯技术设备
    communications technology equipment
  • 侵入电脑系统并转移数据
    hacking the computer system and transferring data
  • 这种西方媒体捏造出来的“假新闻”,早已被非洲扔进“垃圾箱”。
    Such fake news was made up by some Western media, and it has been tossed into the garbage by Africa.
  • 美方不应高估自己的造谣能力,也不要低估别人的判断能力。
    The United States should not overestimate its ability to slander others and underestimate others' judgment.
  • 恶意造谣
    malicious slander


  • 1分36秒破百亿元
    sales hit 10 billion yuan in just 1minute 36 seconds
  • 众星云集的倒计时晚会
    a star-studded countdown gala celebration
  • 随着竞争加剧,阿里巴巴正在探索促进销售和留住用户的新策略。
    As competition intensifies, Alibaba is searching for fresh ideas to drive sales and keep users hooked to its sites.
  • 成交额
    gross merchandise volume
  • 购物盛宴
    shopping bonanza
  • 刺激购物需求
    spur consumption demands
  • 限量版产品
    limited-edition products
  • 犒劳自己的一天
    a day to treat yourself
  • 之所以叫“光棍节”是因为日期里四个1连写让人联想到“光棍”。
    The festival’s name originates from the calendar date 11/11, with the four ones referencing being single.


  • 前冬季奥运会冠军
    former Winter Olympic champion
  • 世界反兴奋剂机构
    World Anti-Doping Agency
  • 短道速滑比赛
    short track speedskating events
  • 国际社会的认可
    international society’s recognition


  • 正式启动6G技术研发工作
    officially launching the 6G technology research and development
  • 处于探索阶段
    in an exploratory stage
  • 关键指标和应用场景还未有统一的定义。
    Key indicators and application scenarios have not been uniformly defined.
  • 5G商用
    5G commercialization
  • 移动运营商
    telecom operators


  • 飞行期间允许女乘客进入驾驶舱
    allow a female passenger in the cockpit during a flight
  • 被终身停飞
    be suspended for life
  • 与民航局沟通建议吊销机长的飞行执照
    suggest the civil aviation authority revoke the pilot's license
  • 涉事机组人员受到停飞12个月的处分。
    On-duty crew members were suspended from flying for 12 months.

第二届#中国国际进口博览会#今日开幕  23项在首届进博会期间达成的合作事项已办结

  • 顺应各国人民对美好生活的向往
    meet the common aspirations of people around the world to live a better life
  • 加强国际合作
    intensify international cooperation
  • 进入广阔的中国市场
    access the vast Chinese market
  • 第二届中国国际进口博览会
    the Second China International Import Expo


  • 提高社会主义现代化国际大都市治理能力和治理水平
    improve the capacity and level of governance of modern socialist international metropolises
  • 无论是城市规划还是城市建设,都要坚持以人民为中心,聚焦人民群众的需求。
    Urban planning and development must be committed to a people-centered approach and focus on people's needs.
  • 设立科创板并试点注册制要坚守定位,提高上市公司质量。
    The science and technology innovation board and the pilot registration system must stay committed to their roles, and the quality of listed firms should be improved.
  • 畅通民意反映渠道,丰富民主形式
    make it easier for residents to express their views through established channels and continue to explore diverse forms of democracy


  • 中国自主研发的阿尔茨海默药物获批上市,填补了过去17年来AD治疗领域的空白。
    China’s self-developed drug for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) has been greenlighted for sales, filling a 17-year blank in this field.
  • 改善轻度至中度阿尔茨海默病患者的认知功能
    improve cognitive function in mild-to-moderate AD patients
  • 药理机制
    pharmacological mechanism
  • 心血管疾病和恶性肿瘤
    cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumors


  • 中国共产党第十九届中央委员会第四次全体会议
    fourth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
  • 发布公报
    release a communique
  • 国家治理体系和治理能力现代化
    modernization of China’s system and capacity for governance
  • 确保实现“两个一百年”奋斗目标进而实现伟大复兴
    ensure the realization of the two centenary goals toward the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation
  • 中国特色社会主义制度
    system of socialism with Chinese characteristics