英语热词 | 2020年2月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


  • 信息透明
    transparency of information
  • 遏制疫情
    contain the epidemic
  • 死亡人数
    death toll
  • 永久居民
    permanent resident
  • 与感染者接触
    contact with an infected person
  • 封锁
    under lockdown
  • 防护面罩
    protective facemask


  • 严重扰乱日常生活
    a significant disruption to daily lives
  • 确诊病例
    confirmed cases
  • 居家办公
    working from home
  • 视频会议
    video conference
  • 库存N95口罩
    stockpiled N95 respirator masks
  • 防护设备
    protective equipment
  • 人际传播
    person-to-person transmission


  • 预防措施
    preventive measures
  • 立即隔离或进一步观察
    immediate isolation or further observation
  • 强化风险评估和口岸检疫
    strengthen risk assessment and port quarantine
  • 体温监测
    temperature monitoring
  • 沿海城市
    coastal city
  • 外资企业
    foreign-funded enterprises
  • 直飞航班
    direct flights


  • 禁止食用野生动物
    ban the eating of wildlife
  • 人工繁育、饲养的陆生野生动物
    terrestrial wildlife which are artificially bred and farmed
  • 严厉打击非法野生动物交易
    harshly crack down on the illegal wildlife trade
  • 家禽家畜
    poultry and livestock
  • 经济损失
    economic losses
  • 关闭违法经营场所
    close venues for illegal trade


  • 感染路径不明
    unknown infection routes
  • 病毒检测呈阳性
    tested positive for the coronavirus
  • 隔离措施
    quarantine measures
  • 韩国疫情预警级别调至最高等级
    put South Korea on its highest alert for infectious diseases
  • 下船
    disembark from the vessel
  • 邮轮
    cruise ship


  • 减免企业养老、失业、工伤保险的单位缴费
    lower or waive employers’ contribution to the old-age pension, unemployment and workplace safety insurance schemes
  • 社会保险缴费
    social security premiums
  • 申请缓缴住房公积金
    apply for deferring the payments to the housing provident fund
  • 受疫情影响住房公积金贷款不能正常还款的,不作逾期处理。
    Failure to repay housing provident fund loans by employees affected by the epidemic will not be taken as a default.


  • 出院病人
    discharged patients
  • 新增确诊病例数下降
    a decline in new confirmed cases
  • 治愈率
    recovery rates
  • 死亡病例数
    death toll
  • 累计确诊病例数增幅趋于平缓。
    The accumulated confirmed cases are leveling off.
  • 上门排查
    door-to-door checks
  • 疑似病例
    suspected cases
  • 核酸检测
    nucleic acid testing
  • 集中隔离点
    centralized isolation sites
  • 闲置仓库
    idle warehouses
  • 血浆
    blood plasma
  • 重症患者
    patients displaying critical symptoms


  • 神经外科学科带头人
    a leading figure in neurosurgery
  • 确认感染
    confirmed with the infection
  • 沉痛哀悼
    deep condolences
  • 全力以赴
    all-out efforts
  • 定点医院
    designated hospitals


  • 推迟召开“两会”的决定草案
    draft proposals to postpone China's "two sessions"
  • 疫情防控
    epidemic prevention and control
  • 遏制疫情蔓延
    curb the spread of the virus
  • 奋战在疫情防控工作第一线
    fight the epidemic at the front line
  • 认真评估
    careful deliberation
  • 打击非法野生动物交易
    crack down on the illegal wildlife trade;
  • 疫情防控工作到了关键阶段,绝不能掉以轻心。
    The prevention and control work is at a critical stage that allows no laxity in efforts.


  • 在全国范围内,重症患者的比例已明显下降。
    The rate of severely ill patients has dropped significantly across the country.
  • 完善的防控措施
    refined control measures
  • 集中隔离治疗
    centralized isolation and treatment
  • 聚集性感染
    clustered infection
  • 待诊断的疑似病例
    suspected cases awaiting diagnosis
  • 为提高治愈率、降低病死率打下了良好的基础。
    A substantial foundation has been laid to further increase the recovery rate and reduce the mortality rate.


  • 止咳退烧药品
    cough and cold remedies
  • 零售药店
    retail drugstores;
  • 筛查可能的新型冠状病毒携带者
    screen out all potential novel coronavirus carriers
  • 敦促有症状者去医院进行适当的检查和治疗
    urge people with symptoms to go to hospitals for proper checks and treatment
  • 每日报告制度
    daily reporting system
  • 这些举措将确保所有潜在患者得到检查和确认。
    Such moves will ensure all potential patients get checks and verification.


  • 果子狸
    masked civet
  • 可食用
  • 不当表述an inappropriate statement
  • 将所有图书从各销售网点下架,其他相关事宜正在调查中。
    It has removed all the books from sales outlets and other relevant matters are under investigation.


  • 中国计划修订《野生动物保护法》,打击非法交易和食用野生动物的行为。
    China plans to amend the Law of Wild Animal Protection to crack down on those indiscriminately trading or eating wildlife.
  • 加强风险管理
    strengthen risk management
  • 加强执法监督
    strengthen law enforcement supervision
  • 乱捕滥食
    excessive hunting and indiscriminate consumption
  • 在疫情解除之前,中国禁止在市场、餐馆和电商平台买卖野生动物。
    China bans all trading of wild animals at markets, restaurants and e-commerce platforms until the end of the epidemic


  • 基层一线疫情联防联控情况
    epidemic prevention and control at the primary level
  • 做好自我防护
    take good self-protection
  • 节后返程高峰
    post-festival travel peak
  • 我国经济长期向好的基本面没有变,疫情的冲击只是短期的。
    The fundamentals of China’s long-term economic development remain unchanged and the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic on the economy is short-lived.
  • 防止出现大规模裁员。
    Large-scale layoffs should be avoided.
  • 我们一定能取得疫情防控斗争的全面胜利。
    China can certainly obtain a full victory in the fight against the epidemic.


  • 确切答案
    definitive answer
  • 气溶胶传播是指病毒与空气中的飞沫混合形成气溶胶,可以漂浮至远处,吸入后引发感染。
    Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air to form aerosols, which can float for long distance and cause infection after inhalation.
  • 接触传播
    contact transmission
  • 目前没有证据表明新型病毒会通过气溶胶传播,公众无需恐慌。
    There is no need for the public to panic since no evidence showed that the new virus could be contracted by aerosols.


  • 错误征用口罩
    wrongful requisition of face masks
  • 将剩余口罩退还重庆,并对已分发和使用的口罩给予补偿
    return the remaining masks to Chongqing and make up for those that have been distributed and used
  • 通报批评
    circulate a notice of criticism
  • 吸取教训、顾全大局
    learn from this lesson and bear the overall situation in mind


  • 新型冠状病毒毒株
    new coronavirus strain
  • 穿山甲
  • 动物宿主
    animal reservoir
  • 人传人
    spreading from person-to-person


  • 18名武汉新冠肺炎患者经中西医结合治疗痊愈出院。
    Eighteen patients with the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan recovered and were released from a local hospital after receiving treatment that combined traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine.
  • 重症患者
    patients in critical condition
  • 传染病
    infectious disease


  • 表达慰问和支持
    extend sympathy and support
  • 牢不可破的友谊和互信
    unbreakable friendship and mutual trust
  • 采取了最彻底、最严格的防控举措
    adopted the most thorough and strict prevention and control measures
  • 铁杆朋友
    steadfast friends
  • 面对疫情,有的国家采取了一些极端限制措施,这并不可取,比疫情更可怕的是恐慌本身。
    In the face of the epidemic, some countries have adopted some extreme restrictive measures, which are not desirable. What is more terrible than the epidemic is the panic itself.


  • 方舱医院
    mobile cabin hospital
  • 三所医院都将具备紧急救治、外科处置、临床检验等多种功能。
    All three hospitals will have multiple functions such as emergency treatments, surgical treatments and clinical examination.
  • 轻症感染患者
    infected patients with mild symptoms
  • 定点医院
    designated hospital


  • 冲在医疗应急救治和医疗援外任务的前线
    on the front line of medical emergencies and overseas medical relief missions
  • 被诊断为肌萎缩侧索硬化症(渐冻症)
    diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • 传染性疾病
    infectious disease


  • 入境采取或加强检疫防疫
    adopt or enhance quarantine measures at border entries
  • 过度应对
    inappropriately overreacted
  • 与世卫组织建议背道而驰
    run counter to WHO advice
  • 发人深思
  • 我们希望有关国家理性、冷静、科学判断和应对。
    We hope countries will make reasonable, calm and science-based judgments and responses.


  • 可容纳1000张床位
    can accommodate 1,000 inpatients
  • 确诊病例
    confirmed cases
  • 临时搭建的医院
    a makeshift hospital
  • 昼夜不停的施工进度
    around-the-clock construction progress
  • 短时间内调动大型运输机的能力
    ability to mobilize a large transport unit on short notice
  • 自去年12月新型冠状病毒在武汉爆发以来,全国各地都出现了感染病例。
    Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan in December 2019, infections have leaped across China.


  • 328名感染新型冠状病毒的病人治愈出院。
    A total of 328 patients infected with the novel coronavirus had been discharged from hospital after recovery.
  • 确诊病例
    confirmed cases
  • 就近火化新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎患者遗体
    cremate coronavirus dead nearby
  • 治疗感冒的中成药
    herbal flu medicine
  • 抑制新型冠状病毒
    contain the novel coronavirus
  • 临床试验
    clinical trials
  • 引发副作用
    cause side effects


  • 正式脱离欧盟
    officially left the European Union
  • 11个月的“过渡期”
    an 11-month transition period
  • 脱欧拥趸在议会广场上聚集,庆祝这一时刻。
    Brexit supporters gathered at Parliament Square to mark the occasion.
  • 欧盟成员国
    an EU member state
  • 脱欧公投
    Brexit referendum