英语热词 | 2020年3月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


  • 初步调查显示,连日降雨造成线路塌方,火车运行经过时撞上塌方体后脱轨。
    An initial investigation showed that the train derailed after it ran into a landslide caused by days of rainfall.
  • 发电车
    power generation car
  • 恢复交通
    resume traffic
  • 京广线南段有88列列车受到影响,其中54列停运,22列返程,12列绕行。
    Eighty-eight trains on the southern section of the Beijing-Guangzhou railway have been affected, including 54 suspensions, 22 returns and 12 detours.


  • 全国“扫黄打非”办公室重申,中国不会容忍制作和传播含有未成年人色情信息的内容。
    China’s National Office Against Pornography and Illegal Publications reiterated that China won’t tolerate the production and distribution of sexually explicit content featuring minors.
  • 接到举报后,“扫黄打非”办公室立即展开了调查。
    An investigation was launched as soon as it received the tip.
  • 数字性犯罪
    digital sex crime
  • 海外服务器
    overseas server
  • 依法严惩
    be harshly punished in accordance with the law


  • 中国决定暂时停止外国人持目前有效来华签证和居留许可入境。
    China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals holding valid visas or residence permits.
  • 口岸签证
    port visas
  • 过境免签
    visa-free transit policy
  • 出于紧急人道主义需要
    out of emergency humanitarian needs
  • 中国使领馆
    Chinese embassies and consulates
  • 人员往来
    personnel exchanges


  • 专机
    a chartered flight
  • 感染性疾病
    infectious disease
  • 疾病防控知识
    disease prevention and control know-how
  • 防护服
    protective suit
  • 面罩
    face shield
  • 自我隔离
  • 全球供应链
    global supply chain
  • 医疗物资采购
    procurement of medical materials
  • 卫生设备
    sanitary equipment
  • 抗疫
    combat the epidemic


  • 停止继续发表对中国进行污名化的错误言论
    stop making wrong remarks that stigmatize China
  • 赤裸裸地宣扬种族主义和仇外情绪
    a blatant promotion of racism and xenophobia
  • 采用混淆视听、甩锅别国的伎俩无助于美国战胜疫情挑战。
    Using such terms to confuse public opinion and shift blame to others will not help the United States overcome the challenge of the pandemic.
  • 政治动机
    political motive
  • 转移公众注意力
    divert public attention


  • 推迟东京奥运会
    postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games
  • 主办国
    host country
  • 奥运火炬传递
    Olympic torch relay
  • 重要场地
    critical venues
  • 公平竞赛
    compete on a level playing field
  • 体育管理机构
    sports governing bodies
  • 田径运动员
    track-and-field athlete
  • 进一步限制人们出行
    tighten controls on people’s movement


  • “甩锅”
    shift blame
  • 推诿
    shirk responsibilities
  • 仇外和种族主义
    xenophobia and racist
  • 病毒发源地
    birthplace of the virus
  • 美方浪费了中国为全世界抗击疫情赢得的宝贵时间。
    The U.S. side squandered the precious time China had bought for global anti-virus fight.
  • 中国从未收到以美国政府名义捐助的资金或物资。
    China has not received any funds or supplies donated in the name of the U.S. Government so far.
  • 口头承诺
    lip service


  • 大规模传播
    large-scale transmissions
  • 新增病例数为个位数
    single-digit increases of new infections
  • 轻症病人
    people with mild disease
  • 境外输入病例
    infections imported from overseas
  • 降低交叉感染风险
    reduce the risks of cross-infection
  • 跨境人员流动
    cross-border personnel mobility
  • 复工
    work resumption


  • 病毒没有国界。
    The virus knows no borders.
  • 带有种族主义色彩的词语
    the racist term “Chinese virus”
  • 流感暴发
    influenza outbreak
  • 隔离疑似病例
    isolate suspected cases
  • 减缓传播速度
    slow down transmission
  • 防护装备
    protective gear


  • 中方宣布针对美方打压中国媒体驻美机构行为采取反制措施。
    China announced countermeasures against restrictive measures on Chinese media agencies in the United States. 无端设限place unwarranted restrictions
  • 正常新闻报道活动
    normal reporting assignments
  • 歧视和政治打压
    discrimination and politically motivated oppression
  • 冷战思维和意识形态偏见
    a Cold War mentality and ideological bias
  • 损害声誉和形象
    tarnish the reputation and image
  • 借所谓“新闻自由”炮制假新闻
    fake news made in the name of press freedom
  • 违反新闻职业道德
    breaches of ethics in journalism


  • 检测试剂盒
    testing kits
  • 专用货机
    a chartered cargo plane
  • 防护装备
    protective equipment
  • 医护人员
    medical personnel
  • 需求较大的物资
    much-needed materials
  • 人类共同面临的一次大挑战
    present a huge challenge to all humankind
  • 线上零售巨头
    online retail giant


  • 感染人数激增
    a huge spike in the number of infections
  • 入境旅客
    inbound travelers
  • 防止病毒境外输入造成二次传播
    avert a secondary spread of the virus from imported cases
  • 身份核实
    identification checks
  • 治疗和自我隔离
    treatment and self-quarantine
  • 封锁


infectious nature

strain on medical resources

The problem in China has now shifted to imported cases.

take a virus test

If most countries act like China, the global COVID-19 pandemic could be brought under control by June.


  • 大流行
  • 在过去两周,中国以外新冠肺炎确诊病例数增长了13倍,受影响国家和地区数增加了两倍。
    In the past two weeks, the number of cases of COVID-19 outside China has increased 13-fold, and the number of affected countries has tripled.
  • 采取紧急的、积极的行动
    take urgent and aggressive action
  • 实行旅行限制
    impose travel restriction


  • 正是因为有了武汉人民的牺牲和奉献,有了武汉人民的坚持和努力,才有了今天疫情防控的积极向好态势。
    The positive trend in epidemic control could not have been achieved without Wuhan people’s sacrifice, devotion, perseverance and efforts.
  • 同舟共济、守望相助
    stick together through thick and thin
  • 新时代最可爱的人
    the most admirable people in the new era
  • 扭转局面
    turn the tide
  • 内防扩散、外防输出
    prevent the spread and exportation of cases
  • 保障生活必需品供应
    ensure the supply of their life necessities


  • 熔断机制
    circuit breaker mechanism
  • 投资者恐慌指数
    investor fear gauge
  • 抛售
  • 油价暴跌
    a collapse in oil prices
  • 全面石油价格战
    an all-out oil price war
  • 波动性将成为常态。
    Volatility will remain the norm.
  • 纽约证券交易所
    New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • 货币宽松政策
    monetary loosening policy


  • 终极格斗冠军赛
    Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
  • 残酷较量
    brutal bout
  • 分歧判定胜出
    split-decision victory
  • 八角笼
  • 绕道
    take detours
  • 冲进UFC名人堂
    punch her way into the UFC Hall of Fame
  • 抨击“垃圾话”文化
    slam trash-talk culture
  • 呼吁全球共同努力对抗新冠疫情
    call for a global effort to fight the coronavirus outbreak


  • 突变
  • 新型冠状病毒在自然界已出现两种不同的亚型,对人类的影响也不同。
    The novel coronavirus already had two different subtypes existing in nature with different effects on humans.
  • 制定更好的治疗和预防计划
    formulate better treatment and prevention plans
  • 基因序列
    genetic sequence
  • 病毒的传播和发病机制
    transmission and pathogenesis of the virus


  • 高传染性疾病
    highly contagious illness
  • 潜在健康问题
    underlying health problems
  • 疫情严重扰乱了意大利最富裕和繁华地区的日常生活,学校停课,许多公共活动包括时装秀和顶级足球赛事被取消。
    The outbreak has heavily disrupted daily life in Italy's most affluent and productive regions, with schools closed and many public events cancelled including fashion shows and top-flight football matches.
  • 阻断传播渠道
    interrupt transmission channels


  • 冷战思维
    Cold War mentality
  • 意识形态偏见
    ideological prejudice
  • 站不住脚
    on shaky ground
  • 长期以来,中国媒体驻美记者严格遵守美国法律法规,秉持客观、公正、真实、准确的原则在美国开展新闻报道。
    Chinese journalists stationed in the U.S. have been strictly abiding by U.S. laws and regulations and carrying out news reporting under the principle of objectivity, fairness, truthfulness and accuracy.
  • 标榜新闻自由
    pride itself on freedom of press
  • 对中国媒体的偏见、歧视和排斥
    prejudice, discrimination and aversion against Chinese media
  • 改弦更张、纠正错误
    change its course and correct its wrongdoings


  • 高速公路检查站
    highway checkpoint
  • 街道社区
    sub-district community
  • 物业管理公司
    property management company
  • 防控工作存在漏洞
    loopholes in epidemic prevention and control work
  • 辅警
    auxiliary policeman
  • 疏忽职守
    dereliction of duty
  • 疏于交通管控
    lapse in traffic control
  • 进一步调查
    further investigation
  • 纪律处分
    disciplinary punishment


  • 患者或出院或转诊
    patients are either being discharged or moved to other hospitals
  • 在指定地点进行为期14天的隔离
    a 14-day quarantine at a designated place
  • 重症
    serious symptoms
  • 轻症患者
    patients with mild symptoms
  • 方舱医院的所有医护人员原地待命,医疗用品和设备都将封存。
    Medical workers at the makeshift hospital will stand by at the hospital, with medical supplies and facilities to be sealed up.