双语阅读 | 大学四年,我get了这些神技能


双语阅读 | 大学四年,我get了这些神技能

1. Holding back unpleasant information

Yesterday you had a bad experience, but you didn't tell anyone about it. Your WeChat Moments only document the positive parts of your life. The same thing happens whenever you call home and speak to your parents, you wouldn't want them to worry about you after all!

2. Running faster than you thought possible

There's nothing quite like being late for class to make you realize how fast you can run when you need to! We've all been there, rolling out of bed with 10 minutes to spare, getting dressed in five seconds flat, then sprinting across campus. More often than not you'll make it, if a little disheveled and out of breath. Next time you'd better try setting an extra alarm!

3. Cramming a full semester into one week

It's final exam week and you have a whole bunch of tests to study for, not to mention the barrage of term papers that you need to write.

After several sleepless nights, you finally manage to get it all finished. Who knew you had it in you to write several 20-page papers and review several 1000-page books in the span of a few days?

4. Making up excuses

You can't be bothered to go to class, but how can you skip and not get in trouble? There's only one thing for it, you'll have to come up with an excuse. You try your best to make it realistic and just hope the professor believes you.

Other times, you squint at the board and pretend you've forgotten your glasses. The professor won't call on you if you can't read any of the questions!

5. Overspending on things you don't need

It's your first time managing your own finances, so of course you're going to mess it up. Never mind if the object of your desire costs half your monthly allowance, you can just live on instant noodles for the rest of the month! Or if worst comes to worst, there's always your parents to fall back on.


6. Mastering the art of saving space

Your dormitory might only have a few square meters of floor space, but it has to house you and your roommates, as well as all your belongings. You'll soon learn to maximize its potential by installing shelving units and under-bed storage, as well as implementing other space-saving ideas. Either that, or you'll just keep everything in a pile — we're sure you'll get used to the mess eventually!

7. Learning how to apply make-up

Going from high school to college is like undergoing a metamorphosis. Even the ugliest duckling can become a beautiful swan. Perhaps it's because you're older, and a little more mature. Or maybe it's just your newfound skills applying make-up.

8. Working together in a group

At high school it was easy to study alone and be single-minded in your pursuit of good grades in the college entrance examination. But after entering the college, you'll find group work is much more popular. Cooperation and communication are essential. Never be a black sheep!

9. Using social media to its full potential

You've lost something, or need some information, like a teacher's phone number or a recommendation for a nice restaurant. How better to find what you seek than using social media? Just post your question, add a hashtag and someone's sure to try and help.

10. Learning to multitask

The further you advance through college, the fuller your to-do list becomes. Studying, internships, preparing for postgraduate entrance exams — It all piles up and you have to learn to deal with it, whether you like it or not!

After college, all of you must learn how to integrate into society. Without the shelter of our teachers and parents, you must handle all the challenges by yourselves, which makes college the perfect time to make mistakes and learn good habits. Use the time wisely, get to know yourself, and be the best version of you that you can be!