Smatchet:一个卑鄙的没有礼貌的人(a contemptible unmannerly person)

A carefree young girl annoying the passenger infront by pushing his seat.

英语里面包含很多表示人很卑鄙的词,例如 blighter, cockloche, dandiprat, dirtbag, dogbolt, shagrag, stinkard等等。但是为什么我们还要使用smatchet这个单词呢,那是因为世界上卑鄙的人太多了。

And you, ye idle ablich ‘at ye are! negleckin yer business an’ galantine aboot wi’ yon blackguard smatchet o’ a loon, Geordie Onnerson.
—James Leslie, The Otter’s Tale-Book for the Winter Evenings, 1839



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It was then my mother found me out, and laughed at me a little; she even called me prick-me-dainty. But it was all no use; Berry King would stick in my mind like a leech on the skin.
—Esmè Stuart, The Prisoner’s Daughter, 1884


Cupboard-Lover:有所企图而假装爱的人(one who insincerely professes love for the sake of gain)

Cheeky boyfriend stealing a bite of his girlfriend's muffin in the kitchen early in the morning

这个可爱的单词来源于早期的名词cupboard love。相比直接干硬的定义,我们应该直接通过起源于18世纪英国法院记录的cupboard love引用过来。

Bread-and-cheese-friend, e. A true friend as distinguished from a cupboard-lover.
—Rev. W. D. Parish, A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect, 1875


Fustilugs:一个沉重笨拙的人(a ponderous clumsy person)

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…especially your Ale-wives, who, like the Germane Froas, are all cheekes to the belly, and all belly to the knees, whose dugs and chins meete without any forceing of either, because you may dayly see such fustilugs walking in the streets, like so many Tunnes, each moving upon two pottle pots) his essentiall parts are so obscured, his Sense so dulled, his Eyes so dazeled, his Face so distorted, his Countenance so deformed, his Ioynts so infeebled, and his whole body and minde so transformed, that hee is become the child of folly, and derision of the world, a laughing stock to fooles, a lothing stock to the Godly, ridiculous to all.
—Richard Younge, The Drunkard’s Character, 1638


Ultracrepidarian:一个自不量力、向人提供超出自己知识范围之外建议的人(one who is presumptuous and offers advice or opinions beyond one’s sphere of knowledge)

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The fatal dowry has been cobbled sure, by some purblind ultracrepidarian.
—Thomas Lovell Beddoes, letter to Thomas F. Kelsall, 11 Jan., 1825


Cumber-World:一个毫无价值的人或事物;一个拖累世界的人(a worthless person or thing; one who cumbers the world)


A cumber-world, yet in the world am left, A fruitles plot, with brambles ouergrowne….
—Michael Drayton, Idea the Shepheards Garland, 1593


Smell-feast:一个到处寻找宴会并争取被邀请的人(one given to finding out and getting invited to good feasts)



Base fawning Smell-feast, I beleeve thou art Shrewdly distemper’d both in head and heart; Thy wits are dreggish, and thy spirits dull and restive, c’ause thy belly’s always full.
—Thomas Bancroft, Time’s out of Tune, 1658


Flibbertigibbet:一个愚蠢轻浮的人(a silly flighty person)


The flibbertigibbets were only too willing to care for themselves. They loved to live free, like the pigs and chickens of the village, that knew nor pens nor coops. But the baby was a fact to be dealt with!
—Edith Brower, “Baith Faither and Mither,” in The New Catholic World, Oct. 1890


Epistemophiliac:一个过于追求知识的人,或者对它全身心投入(one who excessively strives for knowledge, or has a preoccupation with it)



Some of us epistemophiliacs are also quodlibetarians.
—John MacDade, The Whig-Standard (Kingston, Ont.), 11 Oct., 1986


Kniperdolling:宗教狂热分子( a religious fanatic)


…there starts up another kind of Government, hatch'd by a Committee of Safety; (of slavery, they meant) who were a rude rabble of Factious, Illiterate, Phanatick, Disloyal Rebels; a knot of Knipperdolings; of the same stamp with that German Botcher, Jack-a-Leyden: the very merdaille and excrementitious offscouring of the Nation.
—J. G. (gent.), The Sage Senator Delineated, 1660