英语热词 | 2018年7月北京周报微博时事英语汇总

#北斗导航#卫星成功发射 为“#一带一路#”沿线国家提供服务

  • #一箭双星#
    send twin satellites into space via a single carrier rocket
  • 长征3号乙运载火箭
    Long March-3B carrier rocket
  • 第33、34颗北斗导航卫星
    the 33rd and 34th of the BeiDou navigation system
  • 今年年底前将建成由18颗北斗三号卫星组成的基本系统,为“一带一路”沿线国家提供服务。
    A basic system with 18 BeiDou-3 satellites orbiting will be in place by the year end, which will serve countries participating in the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative.


长春长生董事长等18人被提请批捕 ST长生或被强制退市

  • 非法生产人用狂犬病疫苗
    illegally produce rabies vaccines for human use
  • 违反批准的生产流程
    violate the approved production process
  • 将不同批次的疫苗液混合用于产品包装
    blend different batches of vaccine fluid for product packaging
  • 替换内部监控视频存储卡
    replace internal surveillance video storage cards
  • 掩盖和摧毁可能构成犯罪的证据
    cover up and destroy potentially incriminating evidence
  • 通过检获的计算机恢复实际和伪造的生产记录
    recover actual and forged production records via seized computers
  • 冻结相关的公司和个人帐户
    freeze relevant corporate and personal accounts
  • 坚决守卫安全底线
    resolutely guard the safety bottom line


  • 性侵犯或性骚扰
    sexual assault or harassment
  • 大声呼救并及时报警
    speak out and call police in a timely manner
  • 通过合法渠道捍卫声誉
    defend one’s reputation through legal channels
  • 呼救声越大,对罪犯的威慑越大。
    The louder they speak out, the more of a threat they pose to offenders.
  • 修订刑事诉讼法
    revise the Criminal Procedure Law


  • 金砖国家工商论坛
    BRICS Business Forum
  • 工商界是金砖经济合作的主力军、生力军。
    The business community is the mainstay of BRICS economic cooperation and a dynamic force driving it.
  • 中非合作是南南合作的典范。
    China-Africa cooperation stands as a fine example of South-South cooperation.
  • “金色十年”
    Golden Decade;
  • 金砖合作的历程,正是五国携手勇攀高峰、不断超越的历程。
    The history of BRICS cooperation is a journey of our five countries climbing great hills only to reach new heights.

不做“老古董” “土味情话”对你说

  • #如果国宝会说话#
    If Treasures Could Talk
  • 中国文化遗产
    Chinese cultural heritage
  • 第二季,来自战国至秦汉时期的25件文物一一登场。
    The second season will bring viewers 25 national treasures from the Warring States period to the Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty.
  • 蕴含着远古的智慧
    ancient wisdom concealed in them
  • 被时间封藏的古老文明
    the ancient civilization that has been sealed by time
  • 高精度3D扫描
    high precision 3D scanning
  • 漆器、石刻、织锦
    lacquerware, stone carvings, brocade


  • 推进新时期中南全面战略伙伴关系
    advance the China-South Africa comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era
  • 风雨同舟、休戚与共
    stand together through thick and thin, share weal and woe
  • 朝阳产业
    sunrise industries
  • 把握好金砖合作大方向
    bear in mind the big picture of BRICS cooperation

科学瘦身 美丽又健康

  • 去除糖和淀粉(碳水化合物)会降低食欲、胰岛素水平
    Removing sugars and starches (carbs) from your diet will reduce your appetite and lower your insulin levels
  • 让你在没有饥饿感的情况下减肥
    make you lose weight without hunger
  • 低碳水化合物蔬菜
    low-carb vegetables
  • 高蛋白早餐
    a high-protein breakfast
  • 摄入可溶性纤维
    eat soluble fiber


  • 海水稻
    salt-resistant rice
  • 在迪拜沙漠试种成功
    the successful trial planting of salt-resistant rice in the desert in Dubai
  • 世界平均水稻亩产量4.5吨/公顷
    the world's average rice yield is 4.5 tons a hectare
  • 在科研和工业发展领域建立长期稳定的战略合作关系
    establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship in scientific research and industrial promotion
  • 八十多个实验品种分批成熟。
    More than 80 varieties of experimental rice matured in batches.
  • 四维改良法
    four-dimensional optimizing method
  • 高盐度水
    highly saline water


  • 违法生产狂犬疫苗
    illegal production of rabies vaccines
  • 伪造生产记录
    fabricated production records
  • 冻干人用狂犬病疫苗
    freeze-dried human rabies vaccines
  • 违反相关法律法规
    violations of relevant law and regulations
  • 召回未使用疫苗
    a recall of unused vaccines
  • 犯罪嫌疑人
    criminal suspects
  • 查明疫苗的有效性
    ascertain the effectiveness of its vaccines
  • 百白破疫苗
    DPT vaccines


  • 睡眠障碍
    sleeping disorder
  • 心血管健康
    cardiovascular health
  • 较长的睡眠时长和较高的睡眠效率同心脏代谢风险降低相关。
    Longer sleep duration and higher efficiency were associated with reductions in cardiometabolic risk.
  • 睡眠障碍也是致患痴呆症的危险因素。
    Sleep disturbances are also risk factors for dementia.


  • 习近平乘专机进入阿联酋领空时,阿方战机升空护航。
    Xi's plane was escorted by the UAE fighter jets when it entered the country's air space.
  • 国事访问
    state visit
  • 欢迎仪式
    welcome ceremony
  • 检阅仪仗队
    inspect the guard of honor
  • 建立外交关系
    establishment of diplomatic relations
  • 务实合作成果丰硕
    fruitful pragmatic cooperation
  • 继续增进友谊
    further cement the friendship


  • 低强度人类活动
    a low intensity of human activity
  • 当地绿色产业稳步发展,科技支撑体系到位。
    The local green industry has witnessed steady growth with a system of technological support in place.
  • 生态文化正在形成
    An eco-culture is taking shape.
  • 展示了高原在生态发展中的示范作用
    showcase the plateau's exemplary role in ecological development
  • 海拔4000米以上
    an altitude of more than 4,000 meters above sea level
  • 控制当地生态系统退化
    rein in the degradation of the local ecosystem
  • 冰川撤退
    glacier retreat
  • 冻土融化
    melting permafrost

短视频用户数据猛增 #抖音# 官方:全球月活跃用户数超5亿

  • 新兴短视频应用
    upstart short-video app
  • 将用户注意力从网上聊天和购物平台转移至15秒短视频平台
    divert user attention from online chatting and shopping to 15-second videos
  • 个性化推荐
    customized recommendation
  • 改写了移动互联的规则
    rewrite the rules of the mobile Internet
  • 严重挑战科技巨头
    pose a severe challenge to tech giants
  • 追新的都市年轻人
    hep urban youngsters
  • 一个接一个不停翻看视频
    devour one catchy clip after another
  • 引流
    guide traffic to


  • 美联储主席
    U.S. Federal Reserve chairman
  • 高通胀或金融市场过剩
    high inflation or financial market excesses
  • 重申
  • 坚持逐步加息
    stick to gradual rate hikes
  • 经济持续扩张的预期
    expectation of continuous economic expansion
  • 特朗普政府的贸易政策很可能会对美国的工资和资本支出产生影响。
    The Trump administration's trade policy may have an impact on U.S. wages and capital expenditures.
  • 货币政策
    monetary policy


  • 电子客票系统
    e-ticket system
  • 刷手机、刷身份证进出车站
    swipe mobile phones or ID cards to enter or exit the railway station
  • 无需在自助售票机前排队
    do not have to wait in line in front of a self-service ticket vending machine
  • 软纸票 (1997年发行)
    soft paper ticket (launched in 1997)
  • 纸板票(20世纪40-90年代)
    hardboard paper ticket (1940s-1990s)
  • 磁介质车票 (2007年发行)
    magnetic ticket (introduced in 2007)
  • 无纸化票务时代
    an era of paperless ticketing

雨季到来 京城开启“看海模式”

  • 北京近两天仍有短时间强降雨。
    Beijing is expected to see more brief but strong rainfall in the coming two days.
  • 暴雨
    torrential rains
  • 平均降水量
    average precipitation
  • 多地道路塌陷并被淹没
    numbers of roads cracked and submerged
  • 公交车绕行浸水区。
    Public buses steer clear of flood zones.
  • 航班取消或延误
    cancellation or delay of flights
  • 旅游景点临时关停。
    Tourist sites were temporarily closed.
  • 桥下通道被水淹没,西二旗地铁站附近雨水泛滥。
    Some bridge underpasses were also flooded, and some areas near the Xi'erqi subway station were inundated.

上半年GDP同比增长6.8% 消费仍是经济增长第一动力

  • 上半年国内生产总值418961亿元,同比增长6.8%。
    China's gross domestic product expanded 6.8 percent year on year in the first half of 2018 to about 41.90 trillion yuan.
  • 全国居民人均可支配收入14063元。
    China's per capita disposable income reached 14,063 yuan.
  • 经济迈向高质量发展起步良好
    offering a good start for the country's pursuit for high-quality development
  • 结构调整深入推进
    further restructuring progress
  • 质量效益稳步提升
    improved economic quality and efficiency
  • 坚持供给侧结构性改革
    stick to the supply-side structural reform
  • 国民经济总体平稳、稳中向好
    stable and sound economic performance

法国4-2决胜克罗地亚 时隔20年后重回世界之巅

  • 法国最终4-2击败克罗地亚,法国队时隔20年第二次捧起大力神杯!
    France's 4-2 win over Croatia marked the second time in 20 years that France has won its trophy.
  • 法国小将姆巴佩获最佳新人奖。
    Mbappe won the tournament’s best young player award.
  • 金球奖则花落最佳中场 “魔笛”莫德里奇。
    The Golden ball has been awarded to the best midfielder Luka Modric.
  • 2018世界杯决赛
    2018 FIFA World Cup final

#中国10元高铁币来了# 每人限购20枚

  • 央行定于9月3日发行高铁 #复兴号# 纪念币。
    The People's Bank of China will issue a commemorative coin for the high-speed railway on September 3.
  • 面额10元
    has a denomination of 10 yuan
  • 正面印有中国国徽。
    The head side has a national emblem.
  • 反面印有复兴号子弹头列车、大胜关长江大桥、北京南站。
    The tail side is composed of the "Fuxing" high-speed bullet train, Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge and Beijing South Railway Station.
  • 7月19日至22日可通过四大商业银行办理预约。
    From July 19 to July 22, people can make a reservation through the websites of four Chinese commercial banks.

@特斯拉 超级工厂落地上海临港 国产车型将便宜三分一

  • 特斯拉宣布在上海建设美国之外的首个超级工厂
    Tesla Inc. will open its first overseas plant, Gigafactory 3, in Shanghai
  • 外商独资
    exclusively foreign-owned
  • 纯电动车项目
    Battery Electric Vehicles Project
  • 规划年生产50万辆纯电动整车
    planned annual capacity of 500,000 electric cars
  • 成为上海有史以来最大的外资制造业项目
    the biggest ever foreign-owned manufacturing project in Shanghai

克罗地亚2:1逆转英格兰 与法国争夺#世界杯#

  • 在加时赛中完成破门
    struck an extra-time goal
  • 克罗地亚2-1击败英格兰,率先挺进决赛。
    Croatia clinched a place in their first World Cup final with a 2-1 victory over England.
  • 任意球
  • 福萨里科传中,佩里西奇插上垫射破门
    Perisic met Sime Vrsaljko's inviting cross and fired into the bottom corner.
  • 佩里希奇头球摆渡,曼朱基奇低射打入制胜进球。
    Mandzukic reacted first to Perisic's clever looping header before blasting beyond Pickford.


  • 爆涨的洪水灌进了大部分洞穴通道。
    Most of the passages were submerged by a flash flood.
  • 潜水出洞
    dive out of the cave
  • 孩子们学习了潜水技能。
    The boys were thus trained with basic diving skills.
  • 救援过程包括行走、涉水、爬坡和绳索引导潜水。
    The rescue process included a mixture of walking, wading, climbing and diving along guide ropes.
  • 艰巨的任务
    an extremely difficult mission
  • 一名前泰国海军潜水员在向洞中输送氧气时牺牲。
    A former Thai navy diver has died on oxygen supply mission.


  • 促进中东和平进程
    assist the Middle East in maintaining peace
  • 天然合作伙伴
    natural partners
  • 尊重中东的多样性
    diversity in the Middle East should be respected
  • 建立全面合作、共同发展、面向未来的中阿战略伙伴关系
    establish a future-oriented strategic partnership of comprehensive cooperation and common development

小米港交所上市 首日跌破发行价

  • 首家以“同股不同权”上市的公司
    the first company which adopts a weighted voting rights with dual-class shares
  • 开盘价每股16.6港元。
    Its stocks opened at 16.60 HK dollars per share.
  • 发售21.8亿股
    offer about 2.18 billion shares;
  • 智能手机和智能硬件
    smartphone and smart hardware


  • 挑起人类经济史上规模最大的贸易战
    ignited the largest trade war in economic history
  • 典型的贸易霸凌
    a typical "trade bully"
  • 严重危及全球工业和产业链安全
    pose a grave threat to the security of global industry and value chains
  • 连锁反应
    knock-on effect

中美贸易战今日12:01正式开打 中方绝不打第一枪

  • 美国将于今日实施对华340亿美元商品的征税。
    Tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods are scheduled to take effect today.
  • 中国决不打贸易战“第一枪”。
    China will not "fire the first shot" in the trade battle.
  • 不会在威胁与讹诈面前低头
    not bow down in the face of threats and blackmail
  • 被迫进行反制
    be forced to fight back
  • 美国是在向全世界开火,也是在向自己开火
    open fire on the entire world, including itself

#泰国游船翻船# 50名中国游客失踪

  • 被5米高的海浪击中
    be hit by five meter-high waves
  • 在风大浪急的海面上侧翻
    capsize/ keel over/ overturn in rough seas
  • 一名中国游客确认死亡。
    One Chinese tourist is confirmed dead.
  • 发布恶劣天气警报
    issue a warning of severe weather


  • 我不是药神
    Dying to Survive
  • 点映
    preview screenings
  • 白血病病人
    leukemia patient
  • 从印度走私未经批准但病人可负担得起的药品
    smuggle unapproved but affordable medicines from India;
  • 被警察拘留
    detained by police
  • 5月1日起进口抗癌药零关税
    reduce tariffs on imported cancer drugs to zero from May 1

马来西亚前总理被抄出18亿财物 现金数了3天

  • 三项刑事失信罪以及一项滥用职权罪
    three counts of criminal breach of trust and one count of abuse of power
  • 被反贪机构逮捕
    be arrested by anti-corruption authorities
  • 并将于周三被起诉
    be due to be charged on Wednesday
  • 否认了一切指控
    deny any wrongdoing


  • 3D清华“二校门”纸雕工艺品
    a 3D paper sculpture of the Tsinghua’s "Old Gate"
  • 使用激光雕刻技术
    use laser cutting technology
  • 传递着历史的端庄与厚重
    convey elegance and solemnity of the history
  • 也承载着新时代的另一番意味:灵感与智慧、青春与未来
    carry other meanings in the new era: inspiration and wisdom, youth and the future


  • 参观了中朝边界附近经济特区的一家化妆品工厂
    visit a cosmetics factory in the special economic zone near China-North Korea border
  • 朝鲜向外国投资者开放的前沿地区
    the frontier regions for the North Korea to open to foreign investors
  • 具有高度的象征意义
    highly symbolic;
  • 增强了与中国经济合作的预期
    raise the prospect of enhanced economic ties with China


  • 世界上首个“太空国家”阿斯加迪亚在奥地利举行了国家元首就职典礼。
    The inauguration ceremony of the leader of the World’s first "space nation" Asgardia was held in Austria.
  • 俄罗斯亿万富翁、科学家伊戈尔•阿舒尔贝利宣誓就职。
    Russian billionaire and scientist, Igor Ashurbeyli took oath.
  • 25年内要在地球近地轨道建立永久有人居住的太空站,在月球上建成固定定居点
    inhabit space stations in low Earth orbit and permanent settlements on the Moon within 25 years