英语热词 | 2018年2月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


  • 新时代是奋斗者的时代。
    The new era belongs to those who work hard.
  • 只有奋斗的人生才称得上幸福的人生。
    Happiness can only be earned by filling one's life with endeavors.
  • 用我们4亿多家庭、13亿多人民的智慧和力量,汇聚起夺取新时代中国特色社会主义伟大胜利、实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦的磅礴力量。
    We should pool the wisdom and strength of more than 1.3 billion Chinese people in more than 400 million households to strive for the great success of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.
  • 时间是最客观的见证者。
    Time is the most objective witness to China's achievements.


  • 红海行动
    Operation Red Sea
  • 根据中国海军也门撤侨改编
    be based on the Chinese Navy's evacuation of Chinese nationals from Yemen
  • 反海盗护航任务
    anti-piracy escort missions
  • 与个人英雄主义动作电影不同,剧情围绕八名海军战士为主的蛟龙突击队展开。
    Instead of being a solo hero action movie, the plot centers on eight Chinese Navy officers who team up as the Sea Dragon Corps.
  • 迎合观众的口味
    cater to audiences' tastes
  • 动人心弦
    strike a chord


  • 在朝鲜半岛局势缓和的情况下,对朝鲜施加“最为严厉”的制裁
    impose the “heaviest” sanctions on the DPRK amid detente on the Korean Peninsula
  • 此次制裁对象包括27家公司、28艘船只以及一名个人。
    The penalty will designate 27 companies, 28 ships and one person.
  • 推行对朝“极限施压”政策
    engage in "maximum pressure" against the DPRK
  • 遏制平壤的核计划和导弹发展计划
    curb Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development program
  • 即将到来的美韩年度军事演习可能会抑制朝鲜半岛最近积极缓和的势头。
    Looming U.S.-South Korean annual military drills may dampen the recently generated positive momentum

武大靖破世界纪录 赢得中国代表团平昌首金

  • 短道速滑男子500米项目
    men’s 500m short-track speed skating
  • 武大靖打破世界纪录夺冠,为中国赢得本届冬奥会上的首枚金牌。
    Wu Dajing broke world record and won China' s first gold medal at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.
  • 武大靖开始就冲在最前面,并一直处于领先的位置,最终以39.584秒的成绩赢得冠军。
    Wu made a strong start and kept the lead before winning the gold medal with a time of 39.584 seconds.


  • 以荣誉军礼规格安葬
    a full honors military burial
  • 西点军校追授录取王孟杰为2025级学员,以表彰其勇敢的精神。
    West Point Academy admitted Peter Wang to the class of 2025 in honor of his heroism.
  • 17名学生和老师在突发的枪击案中死亡。
    17 teens and educators were gunned down in a shooting rampage.
  • 选民支持制定更为严格的枪支法律。
    Voters support tightening gun laws.

#俄罗斯载71人飞机坠毁# 几乎无生还可能

  • 一架载有71人的客机坠毁。
    A passenger plane with 71 people on board crashed.
  • 起飞后几分钟,客机就在雷达屏幕上消失。
    Radio contact with the plane was lost several minutes after the takeoff.
  • 目击者看到“起火的客机从空中坠落”。
    Witnesses saw a burning plane falling from the sky.
  • 成立特别委员会,调查坠毁事件。
    set up a government commission to probe into the crash

#香港大埔车祸#已致19人死亡 司机因危险驾驶被捕

  • 一辆双层巴士侧翻。
    A double-decker bus overturned.
  • 死者大多头部受致命伤。
    The deceased mostly died of trauma to the head.
  • 没有疲劳驾驶的迹象
    no sign of fatigue driving
  • 将展开对香港公交运营状况的独立调查
    order an independent inquiry to Hong Kong's bus operations



  • 邀请韩国总统文在寅在时间方便的时间访问朝鲜
    invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in to visit the DPRK at Moon's convenient time;
  • 促进朝韩关系
    improve inter-Korean relations
  • 让我们创造条件,促成此行。
    Let's create conditions going forward and make it.

2018平昌冬奥会开幕 朝韩时隔12年共擎半岛旗进场

  • 韩国花滑女王金妍儿点燃主火炬塔。
    The cauldron for the PyeongChang Games was lit by South Korea's Olympic heroine Kim Yuna.
  • 共擎“朝鲜半岛旗”进场
    marched together under a unified Korean flag
  • 中国派出了包括82名运动员在内的181人代表团。
    China sent a 181-member delegation including 82 athletes.


  • 一审被判死刑
    be sentenced to death by a first instance judgment
  • 纵火造成一家四口死亡
    start a fire that killed a family of four
  • 被害人被困火场,吸入一氧化碳中毒而亡。
    Trapped by the huge fire, they died due to inhalation of carbon monoxide.
  • 用打火机点燃书本引燃客厅沙发、窗帘
    ignite books through a lighter and the fire soon spread to sofas and curtains in the living room
  • 盗窃罪
    convicted of theft
  • 因长期赌博而身负高额债务
    be burdened with heavy debts due to gambling
  • 住家保姆
    a live-in nanny



  • 台湾花莲县发生6.5级地震。
    A magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Taiwan's Hualien County.
  • 震源深度11千米
    with a depth of 11 kilometers
  • 截止周四上午7点,已有9人遇难,265人受伤,62人失踪。
    Nine people were killed, 265 injured and 62 still missing as of 7:00 a.m. Thursday.
  • 遇难者包括了三名大陆游客。
    The victims include three tourists from the mainland.
  • 此次地震为花莲近50年来所未见。
    It was the most severe earthquake to hit Hualien in five decades.


  • 世上最强运载火箭
    the world's most powerful rocket
  • 首飞
    kick off a maiden flight
  • 猎鹰重型火箭运载着一辆樱桃红色的特斯拉跑车,驾驶座上坐着一位身着宇航服的假人模特。该车车主是太空探索公司SpaceX创始人埃隆•马斯克。
    SpaceX founder Elon Musk loaded the Falcon Heavy with his own cherry-red Tesla Roadster carrying a spacesuit-clad mannequin in the driver's seat.
  • 喷出如山高的滚滚浓烟
    send up a mountain-sized plume of smoke
  • 小行星带
    asteroid belt
  • 推力


  • 厕所改造
    toilet upgrades
  • 垃圾处置
    garbage sorting
  • 生活污水治理
    residential sewage treatment
  • 尽管近年来中国农村人居环境建设取得一定成绩,但农村环境状况很不平衡,脏乱差问题在一些地区还比较突出。
    Although progress has been made, the living environment in rural China is very unbalanced with many areas in the grip of dirt and disorder.
  • 到2020年,实现农村人居环境明显改善。
    make remarkable improvements in the rural living environment by 2020;
  • 村庄环境基本干净整洁有序,村民环境与健康意识普遍增强。
    Villages should be clean and tidy, and residents should have enhanced hygiene and health awareness.
  • 地处偏远、经济欠发达等地区,在优先保障农民基本生活条件基础上,实现人居环境干净整洁的基本要求。
    Remote and underdeveloped regions of the country should meet basic standards of keeping the environment clean and tidy, on the basis of ensuring farmers' basic living.


  • 宣布进入紧急状态
    declare a state of emergency
  • 逮捕前总统
    arrest a former president
  • 同父异母的兄长
  • 在旅游旺季,突发政局骚乱。
    The tumult comes during the peak tourism season.
  • 发布切勿前往马尔代夫的#旅游#警示
    issue travel advisories for the Maldives
  • 马尔代夫由26个珊瑚礁和1192个小岛组成。
    The Maldives is made up of 26 coral atolls and 1,192 islands.
  • 是一个拥有40万人口的海滨度假胜地,旅游业是其主要外汇来源
    a country of 400,000 people best known as a beach paradise for the tourists that provide most of its foreign currency revenue.

81岁“学霸奶奶”天大毕业  为 “本科梦”坚持60年

  • 她六次参加计算机考试,最后才通过并拿到了学位。
    She tried six times before passing the last online examination and finally received her diploma.
  • 她家里的电视机已尘封四年。
    The television in her house has not been switched on for four years.
  • “对我来说,生命中最重要的就是:真实地去生活,不要屈服于同龄人的压力,时间有限,不要囿于成见,不要让别人的观点淹没自己的初衷。最主要的是,要有自己走下去的勇气……”
    "For me, the most important thing in life is to live my own way. That is, not to succumb to pressure from peers. With limited time, please remain true to our original aspirations and stay hungry, stay foolish. The most important thing is to have the courage to go on.”


  • 二十四节气
    The Twenty-Four Solar Terms
  • 立春
    start of spring;
  • 春天是生长的季节。
    Spring is a season of growth.
  • 鸟语花香
    birds’ twitters and fragrance of flowers
  • 降雨常以立春为转折点。
    It’s also a turning point for increased rainfall.
  • 自古以来人们就希望通过放风筝来辟邪。
    People used to fly kites to send away the evil spirits in ancient China.
  • 按中国民间说法,立春、春分和秋分时,鸡蛋很容易竖起来。
    According to Chinese folk customs, it’s easier to make an egg stand on start of spring, spring equinox and autumn equinox.

上海一辆车冲入人行道 18人送医3人重伤

  • 今早,在上海市区(黄浦区南京西路),一辆小型货车冲上人行道撞到行人, 18人送医救治,其中3人重伤。
    Eighteen people were injured, three seriously, after a minivan crashed into pedestrians in downtown Shanghai on Friday morning.
  • 起火
    catch fire;
  • 事故原因正在调查中。
    The cause of the incident is being investigated. local authorities said.


  • 批驳 “中国间谍威胁论”
    refute allegations regarding China's espionage threat
  • 相由心生
    Your thoughts shape the world in your eyes.
  • 事实胜于雄辩。
    Facts speak louder than words.
  • 世界上最大的情报头目
    the head of the world's largest intelligence agency
  • 世界上到底是谁在对其他国家实施大范围监听、监控、窃密、渗透,无所不用其极地维持并施加影响力,大家心中其实都很清楚。
    The world knows well who really conducts surveillance and espionage, and wields influence over other countries.
  • 如果澳方个别人将几百万每年往返中澳之间的人员以及在澳华人华侨都视作间谍,那可不就得感到紧张焦虑么?
    If Australia regards these people [traveling between China and Australia every year] and overseas Chinese in Australia as spies, they will be undoubtedly anxious.

特雷莎•梅携贸易天团访华 双方拟签90亿英镑大单

  • 中英关系多年来一直走在中国同西方国家关系前列
    China-Britain relationship has been at the forefront among the ties between China and Western countries;
  • 相信中英关系保持良好稳定发展符合双方共同利益,有利于促进地区和世界的和平、稳定与繁荣。
    It is both in line with the two countries' interests and conducive to world peace, stability and prosperity that China-Britain relationship continues to develop in a steady way.
  • 世界经济出现复苏向好的积极势头,各方应倍加珍惜,共同维护贸易投资自由化便利化,推进经济全球化。
    Noting that the world economy has shown signs of recovery, all parties need to cherish the momentum to forge ahead trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and economic globalization.