英语热词 | 2018年8月北京周报微博时事英语汇总

国务院又推新举措支持实体经济 再减税降费450亿

  • 1.对因去产能和调结构等政策性停产停业企业给予房产税和城镇土地使用税减免。
    Enterprises whose production is halted or business suspended due to the required cutting of overcapacity or restructuring will see their real estate tax and urban land-use tax reduced or exempted.
  • 2.对社保基金和基本养老保险基金有关投资业务给予税收减免。
    The investment businesses of social security funds and basic pension insurance funds will enjoy a tax break.
  • 3.对境外机构投资境内债券市场取得的债券利息收入暂免征收企业所得税和增值税,政策期限暂定3年。
    Corporate income tax and value-added tax on foreign institutions' interest gains from onshore bond market investments will be exempted for three years.

中国民企500强名单发布 华为名列第一

  • 公布最新的500强民企排名
    unveiling the latest ranking for top 500 private enterprises
  • 此次企业的入围门槛达156.84亿元。
    A company's revenue last year had to reach the threshold of 15.68 billion yuan to be included in the list.
  • 全国500强民营企业去年的总收入为24.48万亿元。
    Total revenue of the top 500 private enterprises stood at 24.48 trillion yuan last year


  • 以安全作为核心的考核指标
    put passenger safety at the core value
  • 顺风车业务模式无限期下线
    deactivate its online "hitch" ride services indefinitely
  • 与公安部门深入共建用户安全保护机制
    cooperate with public security departments to build its security mechanism

#个人所得税#法二审 起征点调至5000元不变 算算你每个月能省多少钱

  • 个人所得税法修正案草案
    draft amendment to the individual income tax law
  • 起征点
    minimum threshold
  • 赡养老人支出予以税前扣除
    expense deduction for caring for the elderly

交通部约谈滴滴 责令滴滴顺风车业务全线整改

  • 顺风车司机
    hitch driver
  • 在全国范围内下线顺风车业务
    suspend its hitch riding service nationwide
  • 即日起不得再新接入未经许可的车辆和人员,并加快清退已接入的不合规车辆和人员。
    No unauthorized cars and drivers should be admitted to Didi's platform from now on, and that those are already admitted be expelled faster.
  • 这起事件暴露出滴滴严重的管理漏洞和安全风险。
    The incident exposed great management loopholes and safety perils with Didi.


  • 将尸体藏匿于家中冰柜长达三个月
    hide her body in a freezer for three months
  • 透支妻子信用卡近二十万
    run up a debt of nearly 200,000 yuan on her credit card
  • 向警方自首
    surrender himself to the police
  • 指控朱某故意杀人
    accuse Zhu of committing premeditated murder
  • 被判死刑
    be sentenced to death
  • 提出上诉申请
    lodge an appeal

美国对中萨建交“指手画脚” 外交部强硬表态

  • 中国和萨尔瓦多都是独立的主权国家,有权决定自己国家的对外关系。
    China and El Salvador are independent sovereign states and have the right to determine their relations with other countries.
  • 美国自己早在39年前就已同中国建交了。
    Washington itself established diplomatic ties with Beijing nearly four decades ago.
  • 在一个中国原则基础上建交,顺应历史潮流。
    The establishment of diplomatic ties based on the one-China principle conforms to the trends of the times.
  • 符合国际法和国际关系基本准则
    in line with the law and basic rules of international relations

#乐视网#:目前已达成认定债务规模约67亿左右 尚无偿债计划

  • 债务累累
  • 达成认定债务规模约67亿元
    reach a recognized debt scale of about 6.7 billion yuan
  • 深交所向乐视网发问询函。
    Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent an inquiry to Leshi.
  • 乐视非上市体系
    non-listed units of LeEco


  • 过去几个月,北京房租同比暴涨百分之二十至三十。
    Rents in Beijing have increased dramatically-20 to 30 percent year-on-year-over the past few months.
  • 长租公寓
    long-term apartment rental
  • 扰乱市场规律
    disturb the market order
  • 垄断租赁市场
    create a monopoly in the rental market
  • 普遍认为上涨背后的推动者是几大房屋中介。
    Several major real estate agencies are believed to be the main drivers behind the rent rises.

#中国与萨尔瓦多建交# 台湾当局“邦交国”骤降至17个

  • #建交#
    establish diplomatic ties
  • 签署联合公报
    sign a joint communique
  • 萨尔瓦多
    El Salvador
  • 萨尔瓦多人

#2018亚运会#首日:孙杨夺金 领奖要求重升国旗

  • 亚运会
    the Asian Games
  • 在男子200米自由泳赛中获胜
    claimed victory in the men's 200m freestyle
  • 用时1分45秒43
    clocked a time of 1 minute 45.43 seconds
  • 金满贯
    Golden Grand Slam
  • 劲敌
  • 技术故障
    a technical malfunction
  • 放中国国歌时3面获胜者国家的国旗掉落
    the flags of the three medalists dropping to the ground during the playing of the Chinese national anthem
  • 走下颁奖台与主办方协商,要求再次升旗
    got off the podium, walked to the officials and demanded they do it again


  • 前联合国秘书长
    former United Nations Secretary-General
  • 逝世
    passed away
  • 一生都在倡导人的尊严
    spent his life advocating for human dignity
  • 使多边主义成为解决国际争端的准则
    make multilateralism the norm in international dispute resolution
  • 一生富有勇气和同情心,为公共服务事业做出卓越贡献
    a life full of courage, empathy and remarkable public service
  • 政治天赋
    political instinct


  • 神话故事中牛郎织女一年一会
    the annual meeting of the weaver girl and cowherd in Chinese mythology
  • 放逐在银河两边
    be banished to opposite sides of the Milky Way
  • 星河上搭起鹊桥
    form a magpie bridge over the stars
  • 拜仙祈福
    worship the celestials through rituals
  • 婚姻幸福的象征
    a symbol of a happy marriage
  • 爱情的象征
    a token of love
  • 心心相印,心有灵犀
    know each other intimately and create a unique mutual understanding


  • 抵制宗教商业化
    resist the commercialization of the religion
  • 非法建设大型露天佛像
    illegal construction of large-scale open-air Buddhist statues
  • 呼吁加强佛教伦理建设
    called for stronger Buddhist ethics;
  • 纠正信仰弱化,纪律松懈,态度傲慢,追逐名利奢华的风气
    correct the weakening of belief, slack discipline, arrogance and chasing fame and luxury
  • 整合传统的寺院体系和现代社会组织的管理方法
    integrate the traditional monastery system and the management methods of modern social organizations
  • 依法维护佛教权益
    safeguard the rights of Buddhism under the law

#黄晓明# 卷入股票风波

  • 否认参与股价操控
    denial over links to stock price manipulation
  • 委托其母代为管理
    delegated an account to his mother to manage
  • 理财不慎
    indiscretion in wealth management
  • 哄抬股价、拉高出货
    pump and dump
  • 出借股票账户有违国家证券法精神
    lend stock accounts to other traders contravenes the spirit of the country’s Securities Law
  • 任何交易都需以实名制为基础
    any trading should be based on a real-name system;
  • 现有的证券法规规定,账户持有者不对利用其账户进行交易的行为负责。
    Under current securities regulations, account holders are not liable for the actions of those who use their accounts.


  • 轻衣薄衫
    thin, translucent clothes
  • 冰鉴(战国),一种铜制储冰容
    bīng hàn, an ice container made of copper
  • 冰荔枝水和刨冰(宋朝)
    icy litchi juice and shaved ice
  • 元世祖忽必烈在冰水中加蜜饯和果酱,成为世界上最早的冰激凌雏形。
    Kublai Khan added preserves and jam to his favorite icy drink, creating the world's first ice cream prototype
  • 只有皇室才可制作冰激凌。
    No one except the royal family could make ice cream.
  • 草本饮料和莲子羹(清朝)
    herbal drinks and lotus seed soup
  • 清热解毒
    clear away internal heat and remove toxins
  • 黄河中下游地区盛行竹汗衫 (清朝)。
    In the middle and lower reaches of the Huanghe River, clothing made of bamboo was popular.
  • 止汗
    avoid perspiration
  • 紫禁城内有5座冰窖全年储冰。
    There were five ice cellars in the Forbidden City intended for storing ice throughout the year.

纪念#日本战败投降#73周年 国内首部#慰安妇#电影复映

  • 日本二战投降纪念日
    anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II
  • 幸存的慰安妇
    surviving “comfort women”
  • 战争已经过去了70余年,但战争的阴云依旧笼罩着那些几乎被遗忘的、年事已高的受害者。
    Although the war ended more than 70 years ago, its ghosts linger on for some of its oldest, almost forgotten victims.
  • 自强不息,放下仇恨
    learn to be stronger and lay aside the hatred
  • 铭记过去,砥砺前行
    remember the past to move forward
  • 电影复映
    return to the silver screen
  • 赢得了公众好评
    win acclaims from the public

土美分歧诱发#土耳其里拉暴跌# 土耳其成为“购物最便宜的地方”

  • 货币暴跌
    currency plunge
  • 华盛顿双边会谈陷入僵局
    a deadlock in bilateral talks in Washington
  • 导致里拉兑美元汇率迅速跌至历史新低
    trigger the lira rapid weakening to new record low against the U.S. dollar
  • 旨在稳定经济增长
    aim to stabilize the economic growth;
  • 如果美国不放弃其敌对政策,土耳其将寻求新的合作伙伴和市场。
    Turkey will seek new partners and markets if the United States does not back down on its hostile policy.
  • 逻辑无法解释当前的汇率波动。
    Current fluctuations in the exchange rate could not be explained by logic.
  • 排除通过利率支撑货币的可能
    rule out using interest rates to shore up the currency
  • 土耳其经济日渐脆弱
    the growing vulnerability of the Turkish economy


#滴滴#司机使用“外挂”欺骗消费者 警方:累计3000元按诈骗论处

  • 使用外挂多收乘客车费
    using plug-ins to overcharge the passengers
  • 司机可更改车辆定位和行驶路线
    drivers can change the vehicles' normal orientations and driving courses
  • 若乘客提供有效证据可退回多收取的费用
    repay the overcharged fees to the passengers if they provide valid evidence
  • 加强违法行为的监管
    beef up efforts to supervise the illegal activity
  • 非法收入超过3000元将面临刑事诉讼
    face criminal charges if illegal gains surpass 3,000 yuan ($438)


  • 整个国家都沉浸在北京申办2008年奥运会成功的喜悦中。
    The entire country was immersed in ecstasy as Beijing was awarded the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • 继续发挥其深远的影响力
    continue to wield its profound influence
  • 开启中国建筑行业的新纪元
    launch a new era in China's construction industry
  • 对旧工业用地的保护和利用作出高度评价
    speak highly of the protection and utilization of the old industrial site
  • 中国朋友言出必行
    Chinese friends are not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk.
  • 释放潜力,追求真正生命价值
    unleash my potential to pursue the true value of life
  • 建立法律框架内志愿者活动管理系统
    establish a system to manage volunteer activities within a legal framework.


  • 居民消费价格指数
    consumer price index
  • 同比上涨2.1%
    rise 2.1 percent year-on-year
  • 通货膨胀的重要晴雨表
    a major barometer of inflation
  • 内需旺盛,暑假出行高峰,是本月CPI上涨的主要原因。
    Robust domestic consumption activity and summer travel season demand result in the monthly CPI figure.

美方再次加税 中方坚决#反击贸易战#

  • 对160亿美国商品加征25%关税,8月23日生效
    impose a 25 percent tariff on $16 billion goods imported from the U.S. on August 23
  • 美方又一次将国内法凌驾于国际法之上,是十分无理的做法。
    It is totally unreasonable for the U.S. to put domestic laws above international laws time and time again
  • 中方为维护自身正当权益和多边贸易体制,不得不做出必要反制。
    To defend its legitimate rights and interests and the multilateral trade system, China was forced to take necessary countermeasures.


  • 宜居性
  • 地球温室效应将使全球平均温度高出3.3至4.4摄氏度,海平面升高9.14到60.96米。
    Such a hothouse Earth climate would see global average temperatures some 6 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit higher than they are now, with sea levels 30 to 200 feet higher than today.
  • 沿海风暴造成的破坏
    damage from coastal storms
  • 珊瑚礁消失
    eliminate coral reefs
  • 永冻层融化释放的甲烷
    methane release from thawing permafrost
  • 北半球积雪融化
    loss of snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere
  • 北极夏季海冰消融
    loss of Arctic summer sea ice
  • 南极海冰和极地冰盖急剧减少
    dramatic reduction of Antarctic sea ice and polar ice sheets
  • 至于如何防止地球温室效应,说来容易做难:世界经济去碳化,杜绝乱砍滥伐,提高农业技术和碳捕获技术等。
    As for what to do to prevent a hothouse Earth, it's easier said than done: Decarbonize the world economy, end deforestation, improve farming techniques and promote carbon-capture technologies, among other recommendations.

4名家长质疑#河南高考答题卡掉包# 当地招生办:经核实没有异常

  • 调查四名学生的答题卡疑似被调包事件
    investigate an alleged switch of four students' answer sheets
  • 指责招生办公室相关负责人滥用职权、内外勾结
    accuse officials at the admission office of abusing their power and colluding with others
  • 当地招生办已进行了反复核实试卷,没有异常。
    The local higher education admission office said that it repeatedly checked the answer sheets of the four students and found nothing abnormal.


  • #星空二号#首次试飞
    The first flight-test of Starry Sky 2
  • 乘波体高超音速飞行器
    hypersonic experimental waverider vehicle

  • cutting-edge
  • 冲击波
    shock waves
  • 楔形的机身
    a wedge-shaped fuselage
  • 固体推进剂火箭
    solid-propellant rocket
  • 保持超快的速度
    maintain ultrafast speeds
  • 国内研发的热平衡热保护系统
    domestically developed heat-balance thermal protection system
  • 避开所有现有的防空网络
    evade all existing air-defense network
  • 中国航天空气动力技术研究院
    China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics

智利推出#新型塑料袋 可溶于水还能喝#

  • 不同于普通#塑料#袋,这种袋子能溶于水,且不会危害环境或溶剂。
    Unlike ordinary plastic bags, this one dissolves in water without causing damage to the environment or the liquid that absorbs them.
  • 使用石灰石代替石油衍生物
    use limestone instead of oil derivatives
  • 与水接触
    come in contact with the water
  • 在全球范围内生产这种环保产品
    manufacture this environmentally friendly product on a global scale
  • 禁止塑料袋广泛商用
    ban the widespread commercial use of plastic bags
  • 美国食品药品监督管理局
    Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

#委内瑞拉总统讲话突发爆炸# 美国否认参与

  • 一场被挫败的暗杀
    a foiled assassination
  • 马杜罗在一场军队纪念活动上发表讲话时,几架携带爆炸物的无人机飞向他。
    Several drones armed with explosives were flown towards Maduro as he addressed a military parade.
  • 马杜罗指责对手试图暗杀他。
    Maduro accused adversaries of attempting to assassinate him.
  • 马杜罗声称,哥伦比亚总统对这起袭击负责,几位幕后资助者和策划者住在美国佛罗里达。
    Maduro claimed that the Colombian president was responsible and several financiers and planners of the attack lived in Florida.

大陆向金门供应淡水: #两岸一家亲#,共饮一江水

  • 中国大陆沿海省份福建通过海底管道向金门供应淡水
    An undersea pipeline started delivering fresh water from Chinese mainland's coastal province of Fujian to Kinmen
  • 每天提供34,000立方米水
    provide 34,000 cubic meters of water daily
  • 解决缺水问题
    alleviate water shortages
  • 加强管理,确保水质安全优质
    strengthen management to ensure a safe and quality water supply
  • 该项目承载海峡两岸人民和平统一的希望和实现美好生活的共同愿景。
    The project carried the hope of people from both sides of the Taiwan Straits for peaceful reunification, and common aspiration for a better life.
  • 两岸关系
    the cross-Strait relations
  • 大陆海峡两岸关系协会
    the mainland-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits


  • 咬唇妆可追溯到汉朝,明清也曾风靡一时。
    "Bitten lips", which dates back to the Han Dynasty, once enjoyed popularity in the Ming and Qing dynasties。
  • 色彩从唇心向唇边有层次地晕开。
    The color is paler from center to the edges of your mouth。
  • 人们最常用“花瓣”和“樱桃”来形容女性的双唇,中国美学中推崇小口红唇。
    As "petal" and "cherry" are the two most-used metaphors to describe lips of women, Chinese aesthetics tend to make female's lips look smaller and redder.
  • 也有例外,在更加开化的唐朝,女性流行把唇色染黑。
    There was an exception in the Tang Dynasty, when people were more open-minded, women tended to dye their lips black。
  • 背离传统主流审美
    betrayed the mainstream traditional aestheticism
  • 电视热映
    become a hit on the small screen

教育部:#近视#率拟纳入政府考核指标 将控制#考试#次数

  • 2030年小学生近视率降至38%以下
    The percentage of primary school students with myopia should be capped below 38 percent by 2030.
  • 沉迷网络游戏和其他电子产品
    indulge in computer games and other electronic products;
  • 保证每天至少一小时户外活动,充足睡眠,减轻课业压力和使用电子设备的时间
    ensure at least one hour of outdoor activity every day, enough sleep, reduced academic workload and less time spent on electronic devices
  • 对地方政府进行考核
    evaluate local government performance
  • 戴眼镜的年轻人
    bespectacled youth

闷!热!蒸!烤! 中国北方成“最致命热浪区”

  • 中国多地持续高温。
    A persistent heat wave continued to scorch some parts of China
  • 中原和华南大部分地区气温将超过35摄氏度。
    Vast areas of central and southern China will see temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius.
  • 升级为高温黄色预警
    renew a yellow alert for high temperatures
  • 预防火灾
    take precautions against fires
  • 中暑和脱水
    heatstroke and dehydration

#华为首次超越苹果# 成为全球第二大智能手机厂商

  • 打破七年来三星和苹果独占智能手机出货量“双龙头”的格局
    breaks the seven-year dominance of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Apple as the top two vendors in terms of smartphone shipments
  • #华为#第二季度智能机出货量为5420万部,市场份额为15.8%,创历史新高。
    Huawei delivered shipments of 54.2 million units in the second quarter of 2018 to move into the second position with a record high market share of 15.8 percent.
  • 华为超越其对手苹果,展现了中国品牌的发展。
    Huawei’s ability to pull ahead of its archrival Apple illustrates the advance of Chinese brands.


  • 退役军人事务部将督促地方政府和国有企业为8万名军官和4万名士兵提供转业安置。To help them with the transition, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs will make sure more than 80,000 officers and nearly 40,000 soldiers find civilian jobs arranged by local governments and State-owned enterprises.
  • 提高退役军人及优抚对象抚恤标准
    improve the welfare system for veterans and families of those who have died in the line of duty
  • 中国人民解放军
    People's Liberation Army of China (PLA)

被控逃税遭调查 #范冰冰#姐弟被限制出境

  • 阴阳合同
    the dual contracting system
  • 偷税漏税
    dodge tax
  • 范冰冰因涉嫌偷税漏税,现被限制出境,警方已介入调查。
    Fan Bingbing is now facing travel restrictions while police investigate the tax evasion claims against her.
  • 导致拜金主义蔓延,扭曲了社会价值观,误导年轻人
    led to money-worshipping values, distorted social values and misled younger generations
  • 她的收入与好莱坞名人不相上下。
    Her earnings are on par with - if not more than - Hollywood celebrities.


  • 上海位居人均可支配收入榜首
    Shanghai recorded the highest per capita disposable personal income
  • 上半年
    in the first six months;
  • 同期,中国人均可支配收入实际同比增长6.6%至14063元
    In the same period, China's average per capita disposable income grew 6.6 percent year-on-year in real terms to 14,063 yuan
  • 国家统计局
    the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS);
  • 考虑到通货膨胀的影响 take into consideration the effects of inflation
  • the nominal growth in resident income;
    超过国家平均水平surpass the average level of the country