团购优惠 group booking discount
无人陪伴儿童 unaccompanied children
全球可用 global access
物流公司 logistics companies
绿色循环箱 green circulation box

环保袋 environment-friendly bag
绿色循环箱 green circulation box
有氧运动 aerobic exercises
六块腹肌 six-pack abs
常设机构 permanent bodies

尊重多样文明 respect for cultural diversity
观察员国家 observer states
对话伙伴国 dialogue partners
重大国际和地区问题 major international and regional issues
低头族 phubber

虚拟助手 virtual assistant
不停翻阅滚动页面 infinite scrolling
异地就医 trans-regional medical services
医疗保障基金 medicare funds
经济带 economic zone

潜规则 hidden rule
高科技制造业 high-tech manufacturing
行为规范 code of conduct
低碳出行 low-carbon transportation
生态环境 eco-environment

绿色消费 green consumption
自然生态 eco-system
国际合作平台 international cooperation platform
重复征税 duplicated taxation
国际原油价格 world crude oil prices

上海精神 the Shanghai Spirit
逆全球化思潮 the backlash against globalization
大势所趋 a surging trend
一对一会谈 a one-on-one meeting
不可逆的无核化 irreversible denuclearization

复牌 resume trading
电信设备制造商 the telecoms equipment maker
濒临破产 to the brink of collapse
工作午餐 a working lunch
养老保险基金中央调剂制度 a central adjustment system for basic pension funds

抗病毒治疗 antiviral treatment
联合军演 joint drill/exercise
共同繁荣 shared prosperity

不可阻挡的时代潮流 an unstoppable trend of the times
各国人民共同愿望 a shared aspiration of all peoples
文明隔阂 cultural misunderstanding
假冒医疗产品 counterfeit medical products
传统医药 conventional medicine and pharmaceutics

高素质人才 highly skilled personnel
银联体 Interbank Consortium
国际贸易关系的碎片化 fragmentation of international trade relations
an open, inclusive, transparent, nondiscriminative and multilateral trade system based on rules
free movement of goods, capitals, services and technologies

交通通达性 transport accessibility
劳务报酬 remuneration for personal service
特许权使用费 royalty
综合征税 comprehensive income taxation
联合国人权理事会 the United Nations Human Rights Council

accommodate each other's core interests and major concerns
换位思考 putting ourselves in others' positions
a constructive partnership featuring non-alliance, non-confrontation and not targeting any third party
中国农民丰收节 Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival
to build rural areas with thriving businesses, pleasant living environments, social etiquette and civility, effective governance, and prosperity

乡村治理体系 rural governance model
超高速磁悬浮列车 ultrahigh-speed maglev
养老金投资 pension funds investment
起征点 tax exemption threshold
课税负担 tax burdens

试用期 probation period
累进税制 progressive taxing mechanism
避税 tax avoidance
逃税 tax evasion
代扣代缴 withhold and remit tax

农业农村现代化 modernization of agriculture and rural areas
真空管 vacuum tube
河长制湖长制 the systems of river and lake chiefs
战略自信和战略定力 strategic confidence and resolve
中国外交独特风范 a distinctive style of Chinese diplomacy

垃圾分类处理 classified disposal of waste
固体废物污染防治 prevention and control of solid waste pollution
戒所毒 drug rehabilitation center (rehab center)
涉毒犯罪 drug-related crimes
金属探测门 walk-through metal detectors

毫米波人体成像技术 millimeter wave imaging
梨型身材 pear-shaped figure
货币调控 monetary regulation
净胜球 goal difference
晋级 qualify for the second round/advance to the second round

小组赛 group stage
淘汰赛 knockout stage
四分之一决赛 quarter-final
半决赛 semi-final
决赛 final

阴阳合同 dual/double contract
野鸡大学 diploma mill
夜宵 midnight snack
生态保护红线 red lines for ecological protection

人生转折点 a life-defining moment
面临着全球性人才短缺 face a global talent shortage
持久和平、普遍安全、共同繁荣、开放包容、清洁美丽的世界 an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security, and common prosperity
地缘政治版图 the geopolitical landscape
不稳定性不确定性因素 the factors of instability and uncertainty
clash of civilizations, Cold War and zero-sum mentality
at a time when the world is undergoing major developments, transformation and adjustment