英语热词 | 2020年4月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


  • 来自低风险地区的人们不再需要接受14天的隔离。
    People from low-risk areas no longer need to undergo 14-day quarantine.
  • 防控措施调整
    adjustments of prevention and control measures
  • 疫情暴发的风险已得到缓解。
    The risk of outbreak has been generally mitigated.
  • 应急响应
    emergency response


  • 第十三届全国人民代表大会第三次会议
    the third plenary session of the 13th National People’s Congress
  • 听取政府工作报告
    review work reports of the Central Government
  • 集中力量打赢疫情防控阻击战
    focus on fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic
  • #两会#
    Two Sessions


  • 如今,很多鹰派人士主张,在新冠疫情形势缓和后,严格限制甚至彻底终止对华贸易。
    Many hawks are now calling for entirely ending or heavily limiting trade with China after the coronavirus crisis subsides.
  • 如终止对华贸易,美国企业会损失大量顾客。
    American businesses would lose a significant customer base if we eliminated trade with China.
  • 敌对关系
    adversarial relationship
  • 经济民族主义和保护主义
    economic nationalism and protectionism
  • 贸易政策面临挑战
    pose a challenge to trade policy
  • 供应链回迁
    bring the supply chain back home
  • 虚假数据
    fabricated statistic
  • 降低贸易壁垒
    lower trade barriers
  • 僵尸产业
    zombie industries
  • 低产量
    low output
  • 美国经济与中国脱钩
    decoupling of the U.S. economy from China


  • 评估安全性和有效性
    evaluate the safety and efficacy
  • 进入二期临床阶段
    enter phase two of clinical trials
  • 由...牵头
    spearheaded by
  • 灭活疫苗
    inactivated vaccine
  • 腺病毒载体疫苗
    adenovirus vector vaccine
  • 中国也在测试恢复期血浆治疗、干细胞治疗和单克隆抗体等方式治疗新冠肺炎。
    China is also testing convalescent plasma transfusion, stem cell therapy, and monoclonal antibodies to treat COVID-19.


  • 临床症状
    clinical symptoms
  • 在院新冠肺炎患者清零
    clear all COVID-19 cases in hospitals
  • 艰苦斗争
    arduous fight
  • 照顾到每一个人
    leave no one unattended to
  • 复工
    work resumption
  • 下一步,武汉必须继续防范输入性病例,同时防止疫情再次暴发。
    For the next step,Wuhan must keep guarding against imported cases while preventing a resurgence of the outbreak.


  • 病毒悄然感染数千人
    thousands of infections silently spread
  • 进行尸检
    perform autopsies
  • 公众健康危机
    public health risk
  • 控制本国疫情
    control the pandemic domestically
  • 恢复经济社会秩序
    restore the economic and social order
  • 延长居家令
    extend stay-at-home orders
  • 失业补助
    unemployment benefits


  • 临床试验
    clinical trials
  • 备选疫苗
    vaccine candidates
  • 诊断和治疗
    diagnostics and therapeutics
  • 遏制新型冠状病毒传播
    prevent the transmission of COVID-19 virus
  • 全球合作
    worldwide collaboration
  • 含有佐剂的疫苗
    an adjuvanted vaccine
  • 增强免疫应答
    enhance immune response
  • 控制疫情
    bring the epidemic under control

新冠病毒将与人类长期共存 #世卫呼吁美国重新考虑暂停资助决定#

  • 重新考虑暂停提供资金
    reconsider the suspension of funding
  • 跨越物种屏障
    jump the species barrier
  • 进行调查
    conduct an investigation
  • 病例数量反弹
    a resurgence in cases
  • 医疗物资自由流通
    free flow of medical supplies
  • 阻断传播路径
    cut transmission chains


  • 现场无人员伤亡
    no casualties at the scene
  • 重大生产安全事故
    severe production safety accident
  • 危险化学品废物的存放
    storage of hazardous chemical waste
  • 控制企业主要负责人
    bring the person responsible for the company under control
  • 财产损失
    property damage
  • 着火
    catch fire
  • 灭火
    extinguish the blaze
  • 化工厂
    chemical plant


  • 停止无端指责
    stop groundless accusations
  • 攻击抹黑他国
    attack and smear on other countries
  • 病原体的“同谋”
    an accomplice of the pathogen
  • 聚焦国内抗疫
    focus on curbing the pandemic at the domestic level
  • 相互指责
    point fingers at each other
  • 追责索赔
    accountability and compensation
  • 囤积个人防护设备牟取暴利
    hoard personal protective equipment and profiteer from it
  • 颠倒是非
    distort the truth
  • 防护服
    protective clothing


  • 一线工作者
    frontline workers
  • 在抗击新冠肺炎疫情的斗争中牺牲
    sacrifice lives in combating the novel coronavirus epidemic
  • 杰出代表
    outstanding representatives
  • 坚守岗位
    stick to the post
  • 突发公共卫生事件
    public health emergency


  • 国内生产总值
    gross domestic product(GDP)
  • 国民经济运行情况
    national economic performance
  • 带来严峻考验
    pose a severe test
  • 工业增加值
    value-added industrial output
  • 经济指标
    economic indicator
  • 对工业生产造成巨大影响
    deal a huge blow to industrial production
  • 调查失业率
    surveyed unemployment rate
  • 疫情


  • 消费券
    consumer coupons
  • 解封
    lift of the lockdown
  • 复工
    work resumption
  • 餐饮业
    the catering industry
  • 出台政策
    roll out policies
  • 大型电商平台
    large-scale e-commerce platforms
  • 激活消费
    activate consumption
  • 直播
  • 实体店
    physical stores
  • 连锁超市
    chain supermarkets


  • 对美国决定暂停向世卫组织缴纳会费表示遗憾
    regret the U.S. decision to halt its funding to the WHO
  • 与合作伙伴一起填补财政缺口
    work with the partners to fill financial gaps
  • 确保工作不间断
    ensure that the work continues uninterrupted
  • 我们不团结在一起,病毒便会趁虚而入。
    When we are divided, the virus exploits the cracks between us.
  • 对新冠病毒作出预警
    sound the alarm over the coronavirus


  • 暂停向世界卫生组织拨款
    a suspension of funding to the World Health Organization
  • 掩盖新冠病毒传播
    cover up the spread of the COVID-19 virus
  • 低估疫情造成的威胁
    downplay the threat from the epidemic
  • 把病毒政治化
    politicize the virus
  • 导致数百万人失业
    force millions into the unemployment queues
  • 采取严格措施控制疫情
    take stringent measures to contain the epidemic


  • 临床试验
    clinical trial
  • 重组新型冠状病毒疫苗
    recombinant vaccine for novel coronavirus
  • 基因工程
    genetic engineering
  • 灭活疫苗
    an inactivated vaccine
  • 经过严格体检
    undergo a strict physical checkup
  • 注射疫苗
    give an injection of the vaccine
  • 候选药物
    candidate drugs
  • 应急使用
    emergency usage
  • 年产一亿剂
    annual output at 100 million doses

#黑龙江新增49例俄罗斯输入病例# 绥芬河方舱医院改造基本完成

  • 边境地区
    border regions
  • 关闭边境口岸通道
    closure of border crossings
  • 输入病例
    imported cases
  • 医学观察
    medical observation
  • 入境旅客
    inbound travelers
  • 无症状病人
    asymptomatic patients
  • 为期两周的隔离
    a fortnight quarantine
  • 血清抗体检测
    serum antibody testing
  • 应急演练
    emergency drills
  • 轮流在卡口工作
    work in shifts at checkpoints
  • 无接触服务
    non-contact services

#IMF警告全球面临大萧条以来最严重经济危机# 将有170个国家人均收入出现负增长

  • 大萧条以来最严重的经济危机
    the worst economic fallout since the Great Depression
  • 负增长
    negative growth
  • 人均收入增长
    per capita income growth
  • 局部复苏
    partial recovery
  • 这种黯淡的景象同样会出现在发达经济体和发展中经济体。
    The bleak outlook applies to advanced and developing economies alike.


  • 威胁暂停向世卫组织提供资金
    threaten to put U.S. funding to WHO on hold
  • 请将疫情与政治隔离
    Please quarantine politicizing COVID-19
  • 推卸责任
    play the blame game
  • 中国将继续坚定支持世界卫生组织在全球抗疫合作中发挥领导作用。
    China will continue its firm support for the WHO in leading the global collaboration to fight against the virus.


  • 为了遏制新冠病毒的蔓延,武汉曾“封城”11周。从4月8日开始,武汉解除外出管控。
    Wuhan started lifting outbound travel restrictions from April 8 after almost 11 weeks of lockdown to stem the spread of COVID-19.
  • 高速公路收费站
    expressway toll station
  • 实时交通信息
    real-time traffic information
  • 扫描健康码
    scan health codes


  • 英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊新冠肺炎病情恶化,被转入重症监护病房。
    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to an intensive care unit in hospital after his novel coronavirus symptoms worsened.
  • 新型冠状病毒的持续症状
    persistent symptoms of coronavirus
  • 约翰逊已授权英国外交大臣多米尼克•拉布在必要时代理他的职责。
    Johnson has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise for him where necessary.

#清明节#共寄哀思 全国下半旗志哀

  • 全国和驻外使领馆下半旗志哀。
    National flags have been lowered to half-mast across the country and at Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.
  • 深切悼念抗击新冠肺炎疫情斗争牺牲烈士和逝世同胞
    mourn for martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak and compatriots who died of the epidemic
  • 逝者 the deceased
  • 防空警报
    air raid sirens
  • 停止公共娱乐活动
    suspend public recreational activities
  • 扫墓
    clean the gravesites


  • 全球确诊病例最多为美国,累计突破23万例,死亡病例为5648例。
    The United States has reported the most cases, which have surpassed 236,000, along with 5,648 deaths.
  • 死亡人数
    death toll
  • 单日纪录
    single day record


  • 截至4月1日,美国有20万余人的新型冠状病毒检测呈阳性。
    More than 200,000 people in the United States have tested positive for the novel coronavirus as of April 1.
  • 应急储备
    emergency stockpile
  • 请求为医务工作者提供防护装备
    plea for protective gear for hospital workers
  • 护面罩
    face shields

#中央要求突出做好无症状感染者防控#截至3月30日, 我国接受医学观察的无症状感染者为1541例

  • 无症状病毒携带者
    asymptomatic virus carrier
  • 在没有任何症状的情况下,病毒测试呈阳性
    test positive for coronavirus while showing no symptoms
  • 应采取更多措施应对与无症状病例相关的病毒传播。
    More measures should be taken to tackle the spread of the virus related to asymptomatic cases.
  • 跟踪密切接触者
    trace close contacts